UD mixer truck

Japanese UD 6*4 8cbm-10cbm mixer truck

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
+86 722-3817899
+86 138-8687-8855
Japanese UD 6*4 8cbm-10cbm mixer truck, adopts Japanese DND5250GJBCWA37 original mixer truck chassis, UD 380hp Euro 4 engine, FASTGEAR 9 speed transmission, 3700+1370mm wheelbase, 12.00 rail tyrem 300*90*(8+8) boom, Dongfeng Japanese Made 7ton front bridge, 12ton double rear bridge, with air-conditioner.
The volume of the UD mixer truck is 8cbm to 8cbm, the three key parts: reducer, hydraulic motor, and hydraulic pump are imported from Italian PMP. The tanker material is Q345.

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is one of the most supplier and manufacturer of mixer truck, it could manufactures and sells 3cbm-4cbm small concrete mixer truck, 6cbm-12cbm medium mixer truck, 12cbm-16cbm heavy duty cement mixer truck, concrete mixer on truck, high quality and competitive price concrete cement mixer truck, etc.
Japanese UD 6*4 8-10cbm mixer truck
 Total mass(kg)  25000  Curb mass(kg)  13750
 Rated mass(kg)  11055  Chassis model  DND5250GJBWA37
 Driver cab person  3  Max speed(km/h)  88
 Approach/departure angle(°)  15/10  Front/rear suspension(mm)  1460/2590
 Overall dimension(mm)  9120X2500X3990  Cargo body dimension(mm)  XX
 Axles  3  Axle load(kg)  7000/18000(double axles)
 Tyre  12.00-20 16PR,12.00R20 14PR  Tyre nos.  10
Front tread(mm)  2020  Rear tread(mm)  1836/1836
 Wheelbase(mm)  3700+1370  Springs  3/11
 Emission standard  GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005EuroⅣ  Fuel type  Diesel
 Engine model  Manufacturer  Displacement  Power
 GH1A  UD Trucks Corporation  10837  280
Japanese UD 6*4 8cbm-10cbm mixer truck, adopts Japanese DND5250GJBCWA37 original mixer truck chassis, UD 380hp Euro 4 engine,  high quality best Japanese UD mixer truck.

Nice uniformity of concrete mixing, high speed of materials charging and discharging., low residual ratio reliable hydraulic driving system are the prominent characteristic of our products. And meanwhile, reasonable structural arrangement, reliable performance, the nice-looking appearance and easy to open and maintain are the main advantages of machine. All these merits make our products in the leading.

Adopts high configuration to guarantee the high performance. The main parts of the hydraulic system all adopt the international famous and advanced brand and at the moment, it presents the international highest level of the mixing truck configuration. It ensures the extra long working life span. Hydraulic system adopts the chosen hydraulic circuit, and all the components adopt the international famous brand, including the thermostat temperature controlled switch, etc. to guarantee the system reliability.

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