FOTON AUMAN 16CBM water truck

FOTON AUMAN 16CBM water truck

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
FOTON AUMAN 16CBM water tank truck, adopts FOTON AUMAN original chassis, FOTON AUMAN 6*4 driving type, 4300+1300(mm) wheelbase, Cummins 245hp Euro 4 diesel engine, fastgear 8 speed transmission with PTO, 10 ton rear bridge, 10.00-20 tyre, EXT 2420 flattop, desert air filter, and air-conditioner, etc. 

The volume of FOTON AUMAN water flushing truck is 16cbm, adopting National standard 6mm steel sheets, etc. the tow sides head used 6mm Wugang hot rolled plate. One anti-wave plate inside. The tanker and water pipe are phosphate anti-rust treatment, and nontoxic antirust coating painted on the inner tanker. Without enwind.
c. Front flush: fitted with 360° rotatable straight nozzles controlled by driver cab. The flush width can reach >15m.
d. Rear sprinkling, fitted with 2 rear spraying devices, mainly used to clean the road, make the road clear. When spraying as fan-shaped, the spraying width can reach >25m.
e. high spraying: working platform equipped with water cannon, the spraying range can reach 28m, the water cannon can adjust to heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle or mist, etc. mainly used for landscaping greening, also sued as fire truck in urgency.
f. Side sprinkling: install 2 side spraying nozzles behind the truck, mainly used to spray, water, dedusting of the greening, etc.
g. self-sucking: install with 2 suction sleeves, one absorber, etc.
FOTON AUMAN 6*4 16CBM water truck
 Total mass(kg)  25000  Curb mass(kg)  9405
 Rated mass(kg)  15400,15465  Chassis model  BJ1252VMPHE-XA
 Driver cab person  2,3  Max speed(km./h)  94
 Approach/departure angle(°)  16/10  Front/rear suspension(mm)  1532/2768
 Overall dimension(mm)  9900X2495X3370  Cargo body dimension(mm)  XX
 Axles  3  Axle load(kg)  7000/18000(double axles )
 Tyre  11.00R20 16PR,11.00-20 16PR,10.00R20 18PR,10.00-20 18PR  Tyre nos  10
 Front tread(mm)  1960  Rear tread(mm)  1860/1860
 Wheelbase(mm)  4300+1300  Springs  10/10
 Emission standard  GB17691-2005 Euro Ⅳ,GB3847-2005  Fuel type  Diesel
 Engine model  Manufacturer  Displacement  Power
ISDe245 40 Dongfeng Cummins 6700 180
The advantages of FOTON AUMAN vehicles

First, The chassis of the FOTON AUMAN adopts the special chassis separately designed for the different workings garbage trucks, chemical trucks, sweeper trucks, fuel trucks, water trucks, etc. assuring the functions of the vehicles.

Second, good operation, FOTON AUMAN adopts gig gear and fastgear transmission equipped with Cummins and weichai power, and at the same time upgrade the power steering, braking system, making sure the flatness of the change speed and safety of the operation.
Third, high reliability, FOTON AUMAN  adopts Cummins power, weichai power fastgear transmission, and 10ton/13ton rear bridge. Perfect equipped with power system and transmitting system, making the vehicle with large power, high efficiency transmitting, etc.  

Fourth, conformability, the driver cab adopt the half- full floating structure; seats adopts airbag seats, improving the seating comfortably.

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