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The anti-epidemic disinfection vehicle is mainly used for the disinfection, epidemic prevention, and dust reduction in densely populated places. It can also be used for the prevention and control of diseases and insects in large areas of fa

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The anti-epidemic disinfection vehicle is mainly used for the disinfection, epidemic prevention, and dust reduction in densely populated places. It can also be used for the prevention and control of diseases and insects in large areas of farmland, road protection forests, fruit trees, and tall trees; landscaping, grasslands, pastures, etc. Battlefields, training grounds, fire and earthquake disaster areas; garbage disposal sites, zoos, railway stations and other epidemic prevention and elimination, aiming at preventing and preventing the spread of sudden diseases such as coronavirus, pandemic influenza, avian flu, cholera, etc., to airports and trains Stations, national highways and other highway intersections, the entrance to the breeding plant, the junction between urban and rural areas, the entry-exit quarantine and other places of animal transport vehicles, and the imported oil tank vehicles are thoroughly disinfected to prevent the spread of virus bodies brought by vehicles to achieve prevention and The effect of prevention.Urban humidifiers, air purifiers.

The main structure of the anti-epidemic disinfection vehicle is to install a square large-volume water tank on the walking mechanism, a high-efficiency remote fog cannon system, a high-power dedicated self-priming self-draining pump, a medium and low-pressure washing sprinkler system, and a green sprinkler (optional automatic sprinkler) Antiaircraft artillery, at the front end of the tank) and so on.

Main technical parameters
Truck model CL5180TSD6YC
Wheelbase 4500(mm)
Engine model/power Yuchai YCS04200-68   200hp
Cummins ISB210 50   210hp
displacement/rated power 4156(ML)/147(KW)
Tanker volume 12(cbm)
Water spraying width ≥14(m)   water cannon range≥28(m)
Spraying machine parameters
Spraying machine model ZX-60A model
Static wind maximum range ≥60(m)
Generator unit power Diesel 50(KW)
Rated power of Elector motor for the fans 18.5(KW)
Water pump power 7.5(KW) stainless steel material Multistage centrifugal pump

1. Strong skill, long range, strong penetrating power, strong adhesion of fog particles, wide coverage, and can achieve precise spraying.

 2. High working efficiency and fast spraying speed; when spraying water to remove dust from the storage yard that is easy to cause dust, the sprayed mist particles are small, and when they come in contact with the floating dust, a moist mist is formed, which can quickly suppress the dust Settling, the fog settling rate can reach more than 80-90%.

 3. The secondary atomization technology uses a specific turbine wind assist device to change the wind direction to form an angle with the flow direction of the mist particles to promote sufficient water atomization.

  4. When the droplets are ejected from the nozzle, they are further broken by the high-speed and high-pressure airflow in the spray area, and the speed of the droplets is gradually increased, which improves the degree of atomization. The atomization can generally reach about 50-150um diameter droplets. . The supporting power is flexible, and it can be supplied with three-phase 380V city power or with a generator set.

 5. The power supply of the matching generator set is installed on the transportation vehicle, which is flexible in operation, safe and reliable in use, and manual control operation.

 6. Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment, the water consumption can be saved by 70% to 80% (spray gun, sprinkler), and the dust area covered by water mist is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment. 

Model ZX-60A, equipped with diesel 50KW four-cylinder generator set, 7.5KW water pump, 18.5KW fan motor, aluminum alloy fan blades. 66 stainless steel double spray ring nozzles, using imported PLC control, imported relays, imported travel switches, domestic well-known brand controls and wireless remote controls, higher standards in the same industry, all-round guarantee of product stability and prolonged product life. Adjustable nozzle wireless remote control operation (100 meters), and manual operation. Atomization distance of 60 meters (distance indoors in a quiet wind) Actual range: (Atomization range will be affected by various weather factors such as humidity, temperature, wind speed, etc. In addition, part of the dry weather area is evaporated in the air). Bring along with the vehicle tools and related procedures.

The tank has a full load volume of 12 cubic meters, front spray, rear spray, side spray, antiaircraft gun, with a working platform, the platform is equipped with a 60-meter fan-type fog cannon, the front and rear spray pneumatic valves are automatically controlled by the cab, (using pneumatic ball valves Advantages: 1. Convenient operation, able to avoid pedestrians and special situations in time. 2. Avoid the waste of water resources in the stopped state of the vehicle. 3. Because the spray pipe is low from the ground after the front flush, it is convenient for the tank body to be repaired without leakage in the later period). Standard 50/110 high-power special water pump, with self-priming and self-draining function, the main pipe is thickened to the front and rear three links, so that the sprinkling water output is large, the working pressure effect is better, and the epoxy glass flakes in the tank are treated with anticorrosion (two years warranty) Equipped with diesel generator set, fog cannon can be used for spraying pesticides and suppressing dust.

With front washing pavement spraying device, spraying devices on both sides, with rear working platform, green sprinklers are installed on the platform (cannon spray shape is adjustable), can be adjusted straight, heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, and can be continuously adjusted. The shooting range is up to 28 meters, the vertical suction range is less than 7 meters, and a high-efficiency vehicle-mounted air blower is installed. The spray gun has a good atomization effect and can be sprayed remotely. With fire interface, self-flow valve, self-priming and self-discharging.

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