Dongfeng Tianjin diesel water tanker truck with mist cannon

Dongfeng Tianjin Euro Ⅴwater tanker truck with mist cannon for dust suppression, adopts dongfeng tinajin Euro 5 diesel truck chassis, Cummins 180hp diesel engine, 6 speed gearbox, 9.00 rail tires*6+1, 4.5tons front axle/9tons rear axle, p

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  • 程力专用车

Dongfeng Tianjin Euro Ⅴwater tanker truck with mist cannon for dust suppression, adopts dongfeng tinajin Euro 5 diesel truck chassis, Cummins 180hp diesel engine, 6 speed gearbox, 9.00 rail tires*6+1, 4.5tons front axle/9tons rear axle, power steering, air cut braking, original air conditioner, etc.
The water tanker is with the volume of 11,000Liters, square shape tanker, rear working platform with 80m mist cannon unit, yifeng 60/90 large flow water pump, fire interface for self-discharging, etc.
The mist cannon device is with the model CLW-100 model , the auxiliary engine is 120KW generator unit, 11KW stainless steel Multi-stage centrifugal pump, wireless remote control and manual control. The mist fog distance is 100m.

Disinfectant sprayer truck, which is also called pesticide sprayer for agriculture water spraying truckwater sprinkling truckwater sprinkler truckwater bowser truck, water cannon tanker, disinfection truck, dust removal truck, etc.
The disinfection truck for sale  is mainly used for disinfectant liquid transportation, water transportation, road sprinkling, plant watering, city disinfection for conrovirus,  etc.The multifunctional dust suppression vehicle is mainly composed of fogger cannon device, liquid storage tank, self-propelled vehicle and control system. The multifunctional dust suppression vehicle has functions of sprinkling and spraying. The spray cannon can be used for spraying the fine particles of the suspended matter in the air for a high altitude, so that the pollutants can be brought to the ground to restore air quality, and can also be flushed, greening, watering, medicine spraying, emergency elimination, pumping and drainage.
As a professional disinfection tank truck manufacturer in China, besides normal water bowser, we also have multifunction water bowser truck, such as water truck mounted crane, water truck mounted aerial working platform, etc.
We have large capacity sterilization trucks and small sterilization truck capacity. The tanker capacity is from 3000 liters to 30,000liter. 

main technical parameters of CLW5162GPSD5 water spraying truck for dust suppression manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below. 
Item Unit Parameters
Truck chassis model   CLW5162GPSD5 water spraying truck for dust suppression for sale 
Fuel type   Diesel
Emission standard   Euro Ⅴ
Total mass Kg 15800
Rated mass Kg 8805
Curb mass Kg 6800
Overall dimension(L*W*H) MM 8500×2480×3000
Wheelbase MM 4700
Axle nos.   2
Tires nos.   6
Front tread MM 1880
Rear tread MM 1800
Approach/departure angle ° 18/12
Front/rear suspension MM 1430/2370
Max speed KM/H 98
Engine manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins
Engine model: ISB180 50 Engine displacement:5900(ML)
Rated power:132(KW) Engine horsepower:180  (PS)
  DONGFENG 4*2 LHD Tianjin one row and a half driver cab, Cummins ISB180 50 180hp diesel Euro 5 engine, 4700mm wheelbase, 6 speed gearbox, 9.00R20 tires, etc.
The volume of the water tanker is 9,000Liters, adopts high quality 4mm thickness carbon steel with One roll molding, completely seamless. There are several reinforced anti-wave sheets inside the tanker to reduce the impact of water inside the tank and increase stiffness.
The rear part of the truck is with working platform installed with water spraying gun of full rotation and mist cannon special for dust suppression of 180 °rotating. The mist cannon is with 15KW diesel generator unit ; the cannon is with the fog spraying effect and the  practical Horizontal  remote spraying range up to 100m.
The function of water spraying truck: front-flushing and rear sprinkling, side spraying, platform high-altitude spraying gun, special water pump for controlling water sprinkling system; with the function of Pumping and drainage, filter installed, fire-fighting interface inletting water by hydrant, self-discharging valve, etc.

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