Dongfeng 16.3cbm bulk powder truck

Dongfeng 16.3 cbm bulk cement powder truck

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  • 程力专用车
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Dongfeng 153 16.3cbm bulk cement powder truck, adopts dongfeng original chassis, Dongfeng G type luxurious dashboard driver cab, 4700mm wheelbase, Dongfeng Cummins 160hp/170hp engine, datong 6 speed transmission, 3.6ton front bridge, 9 ton rear bridge, 250*80mm beam, 10.00-20 nylon tyre, etc.
Dongfeng 153 bulk cement powder truck, is with the volume of 16.3cbm, adopts 5MM thickness high quality Q235 carbon steel, the shape is just round tank, the inner tanker uses cloth-bag type fluid bed. Simple structure, easy maintains good fluid. The cement truck adopts automatic computer CAD design technique, full automatic longitudinal welding with stable and flat. The cement tanker adopts Y type fluid bed perfect the exterior and interior tanker, with the functions of low centre of gravity and large volume, etc.
The cement truck chooses to install Wuhu fada 10CBM air compressor, transmission axle drives directly, matching the tanker so good and pipelines compact conformation that small resistant, fast discharging, and perfect sealing, improves the discharging ratio and reducing the residents. 
The cement truck is suitable for transporting and air-pressure discharging of grains diameter not bigger than 0.1mm, such as coal ash, bulk cement, lime dust powder, mineral powder, etc. air pressure discharging, the discharging height can reach 15m and the horizontal distance is 25mm.

Dongfeng 153 16.3cbm bulk cement powder truck
 Total mass(kg)  15700  Curb mass(kg)  8505
 Rated mass(kg)  7000  Chassis model  EQ5161GFJ6
 Driver cab person  3  Max speed(km/h)  80
 Approach/departure angle(°)  25/12  Front/rear suspension(mm)  1245/2655
 Overall dimension(mm)  8600X2490X3550   Cargo dimension(mm)  XX
 Axles  2  Axle load(kg)  5900/9800
 Tyre  9.00-20,9.00R20,10.00-20,10.00R20  Tyre  6
 Front tread(mm)  1940  Front tread(mm)  1860
 Wheelbase(mm)  4700  Springs  9/10+8
 Emission standard  GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 Euro Ⅲ  Fuel type  Diesel
 Engine model  Manufacturer  Displacement  Power
ISDe160 30
B170 30
B170 33
Dongfeng Cummins 4500

Bulk cement truck is composed of chassis, metal tank body, air compressor, power takeoff, air circuit, feeding device, and discharge device.

The adoption of numerical control automatic longitudinal welding technology and arc butt welding technology for end socket makes the tank having strong impact resistance. The bulk cement truck is asked by cement factories, cement storeroom, and large building site, can save a amount of packing materials and manpowered, etc. 

Working principles of bulk cement truck

The bulk cement truck first uses motors to start air compressor, and then send compressed air into chamber below seal pot through pipes. After dry granulate materials on fluidized bed changes into flow state and air pressure inside the tank reaches the rated pressure, users can open discharge valve, the fluidization materials run via the pipes, then transfer, etc. 

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