dongfeng duolika flatbed wrecker

dongfeng duolika flatbed wrecker truck(one operating two)

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
+86 722-3817899
+86 138-8687-8855
Dongfeng duolika flatbed wrecker truck, adopts dongfeng original chassis, 2050mm wide dongfeng B07 single row driver cab, 3800mm wheelbase, chaochai 120 hp engine, 535 transmission with low-high speed and over-drive speed, 2ton front bridge and 4.2ton rear bridge, 7.50-16 nylon tyre, air-cut brake, with power steering, clutch steering, etc.
Dongfeng duolika flatbed wrecker tow truck, adopts new type one-formed pressed sheets, 24V warm lamp, 2 sets new type pulling wheel, 4ton hoist, 1 set 21m length wire rope and a spare tyre, tyre jacket,1 set jacket, etc.  
Dongfeng duolika road wrecker is kind of wrecker tow truck adopts dongfeng original chassis. The whole truck is with large functions, one wrecker tow truck operating two vehicles, towing two vehicles at one time, the best road wrecker model for road, car repairs house, etc.

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as the manufacturer of wrecker tow trucks in China since 2004s, it could offer ligh duty road wrecker, medium duty tow trucks, heavy duty wrecker tow trucks,etc. More information, please feel free to contact with us. 

Truck name Dongfeng duolika wrecker tow truck Chassis model EQ1070TJ9AD3
Mass parameters
Rated mass         Overall dimension(mm) 7450×2300×2590
Total mass(Kg) 5495 Cargo body dimension(mm) /
Max total mass(kg) 7490 Wheelbase(mm) 3800
Engine Model CY4102-E3C Emission standard Euro 3
Power /displacement 88 (120hp)/3856ml Manufacturer Chaochai
Parameters Max speed(km/h) 95     tread(mm) Front tread(mm) 1835
Max grade ability (%) 37 Rear tread(mm) 1640
Oil consumption (L) 16L/100km suspension(mm) Front suspension(mm) 1180
Unload parking degree (%) 23 Rear suspension(mm) 1715 
Mini turning radius (m) 15 Driving angle Approach angle 20
Mini ground clearance (mm) 176 Departure angle 13
Special functions Rated lifting mass(kg) 2500 Bracket arm telescopic dimension (mm) 1180
Bracket arm max action length (mm)           1300 Max pulling speed (km/h) 40
Flatbed dimension(L*W)(mm) 5600*2300 Flatbed mini inclination angle 10
Flatbed working dimension(mm) 2680 Rated pulling mass(kg) 4000
capstan 1 Spiral rope speed(m/min) 8
Wire rope length (m) 21 Flatbed max bearing capacity(kg) 3000

Tow truck is made up of chassis, lifting device, holding-up and hauling device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, truck body and tool box, etc. The tow truck has the functions of lifting, holding-up, hauling, etc. suitable for transport the disable vehicle on the high road, etc. 

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