large capacity dongfeng 8x4 livestock pig transportation tru

Truck chassis Truck model CLW5310CCQD5 Driving type 8X4 Wheelbase 1995+4600+1350 Tire specification 12R22.5 18PR Front axle type Duanquan I-beam Rear axle type Integral stamping and welding axle housing Suspension type Steel spring Braking

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
Truck chassis
Truck model CLW5310CCQD5
Driving type 8X4
Wheelbase 1995+4600+1350
Tire specification 12R22.5 18PR
Front axle type Duanquan I-beam
Rear axle type Integral stamping and welding axle housing
Suspension type Steel spring
Braking type Dual circuit air brake
Driver cab
Driver cab type Flat head
Seated person 3
Conditioner type Manual
Type dCi465-51
Horsepower 465hp
Displacement 11120
Emission standard Euro Ⅴ
Type DT1422 DD
Forward gear 12
Oeration type Manual / high and low gear
Standard configuration: ABS, electric doors and windows, central control lock, direction assist, air-conditioning, airbag seat, driving recorder and other original factory configuration, airbag suspension cab,
Vehicle parametes
Overall dimension(L*W*H)mm 12000X2500X3980
Total mass(Kg) 31000
Curb mass(Kg) 15500
Rated mass(Kg) 15370.15305
Transfer box area
Van box material All aluminum alloy
Van box dimension(L*W*H) mm 9600X2500X2600
Van box structure Three or four layers, side windows can be opened and closed
Loading capactiy The forth floor: 21.25㎡×4; the third floor: 21.25㎡×3
Volume unit
21.25×3×110/pig/125Kg(the third floor)
21.25×4×1200 pig/10Kg(the forth floor)
Floor height (mm) 850mm(the third floor)、620mm(the forth floor)
Area per column(㎡)  
Reversible structural parts Middle aisle floor and roof
Van inner system
Loading and unloading methods Hydraulic lifting tail plate
Tail board area(㎡) 5
Cooling mode
Sprayers*18 /the third floor
Sprayer*24 /the forth floor
feeding system 
Drinking sprayer* 18/the third floor
Sprayer*24 /the forth floor
Fan exhaust m3/h 500,1200,1400,2200
Standard device
Constant temperature, spraying, feeding, monitoring, high-speed waterproof ventilation exhaust fan, three-layer, vertical lifting tail plate
1. The car body adopts a fully enclosed structural frame design and is made of all aluminum alloy profiles, which is light in weight, high in strength, strong in corrosion resistance, and resistant to high temperature disinfection at 60-80 degrees
2. The compartment body effectively avoids high temperature conduction, and the internal channel and top plate can be turned over, which is convenient for loading, unloading and cleaning

The pig transport truck for sale is also called livestock transport truck, pigling delivery truck, pig transport box truck. The live pig transport truck is belong to poultry truck, livestock truck, etc. The poultry transport truck is one simple truck for piggy transportation, mature pig transport truck, goat transport truck, sheep transport truck, oxen transportation truck. It is consisted of truck chassis, truck refrigerator, cold box. The cooling box body is made of fiber glass or aluminum , the middel is Polyurethane insulated .As a professional poultry transport refrigerator truck manufacturer, the refrigerator truck for sale is one of our main product.

The livestock truck is with two or three hydraulic lifting  layers, which convenient for poultry get on or off the truck.

As a poultry transport truck supplier, we have dongfeng poultry truck, foton livestock truck, faw poultry transportation truck, etc.We can customize the fence truck body  according to the size of your pig, sheep, oxen.

The technical advantages of CLW brand baby pig transported truck as below. 
1, the pig van box divided into 2 layers, each layer with 4 compartments. Both sides of the box are with several fans and ventilation windows. Front of the box is one operation compartment. 
2, There is sprinkler system which composed of a pressure water tanker, pipes, sprinklers, and a sweage and fecal collection tanker, which sprayers and cools the piglets, cleans the tanker, and collects sewage. 
3, constant temperature control & monitor system, can monitor and control the temperature in the cabin. 
4, Lifting system: the rear tailgate is aluminum and can be lifted to load or unload livestock conveniently. 

Each layers is with lighting system, which is convenient to observe the livestock's status. 



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