40cbm bulk feed delivery truck

dongfeng tianlong 8*4 270hp bulk feed delivery truck

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Dongfeng Kinland 8*4 livestock and poultry transportation feed tank truck, adopts dongfeng Kinland 8*4 original chassis, D310 flathead one row and double sleeper high top luxurious driver cab, Cummins 270hp Euro 4 engine, 350L full steel main oil tank, fastgear 9 speed transmission, 5ton double front bridges/10ton double rear bridges, 11.00R20 tyre, with air-conditioner, etc.

The bulk feed tank volume is 40bm(with the real loading capacity of 20ton), adopting electronic auger type transferring feeds, putting on 380 Volt three mutually alternate current, then working. Discharging is by electronic motor driven the screw mechanism with high speed, continuous working, highly improving the working productiveness. 

The feed tank is usually with 3 compartments, loading and discharging with three different kinds feeds. Simple unit structures. electric cabinet unity is at the rear part of the tank. Easy and flexible to operate and maintenance.

With the development of the livestock husbandry, the bulk feed trucks become more and more important. Some small feedstuff factory actually don’t need large tonnage feed pellet truck. For this, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. designed and produced new small bulk feed transportation trucks for the small feeds factories, that is dongfeng 4ton bulk feed pellet truck-dongfeng furuika bulk grain carrier. This model of powder feed transportation tank truck is with the volume of 8cbm, adopts dongfeng furuika original chassis, high quality and competitive price, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

At present, there are 4ton bulk feed truck, 6ton feed pellet truck, 8ton poultry feeds delivery truck, dongfeng Tianjin 10ton-11ton bulk grain truck. And the feed tank volumes of 8cbm, 12cbm, 16cbm, 20cbm, 22cbm,45 cbm bulk feed semitrailer, etc. And we can design the bulk feed truck/trailer upon request.


Euro 4 dongfeng kinland 8*4 40cbm bulk feed delivery truck for sale
Total mass (kg) 31000 Curb mass(kg) 15505
Rated mass(kg) 15300 Chassis model DFL1311A10
Driver cab person 3 Max speed (km/h) 90
Approach/departure angle(°) 28/11,28/10,28/9 Front/rear suspension(mm) 1460/2990,1460/2910,1460/2740
Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 12000X2500X3995 Cargo body dimension XX
Axle nos. 4 Axle load(kg) 6500/6500/18000(double axle)
Tyre 11.00R20 Tyre nos. 12
Front tread(mm) 2040/2040 Rear tread(mm) 1860/1860
Wheelbase 1850+4600+1350, Springs 9/9/10,8/8/10,3/3/4
Emission standard Euro 4 Fuel type Diesel
Engine model Manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power(kw)
ISC8.3-270E40A Cummins

Main technical data of the 40cbm bulk feed tank as below. 
Average discharging speed(kg/min) 510-560
Rotation angle of auger when discharging ±180 degree
max elevation angle of auger when discharging 60 degree
Delivery distance Horizontal max range(m) 7.2
Vertical max range(m) 8.2
Residual rate No more than 0.10

The feed tank is installed on the truck chassis; there is one mouth for loading at the tank top. And the helical delivering discharging pipe (also called discharging auger) on the tank top can rotate and upraise freely with the upraise angle of 60 degree. When transporting, the helical pipe lay on the tank top; when discharging, upraise. Connected the discharging feed outlet with the top inlet of feed storage tank controlled by the operation device at the driver cab or the tank rear part.
The advantages of high quality and competitive price bulk feed delivery trucks manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below. 

First, all of CLW trucks pass the National Vehicle Testing Authority, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Bureau of Quality Inspection, China's Environmental Protection Department, Ministry of Communications. So don’t worry about the quality.

Second, rigid bonding Technology
The feed tanks are welded in line with the welding technology, such as the assistant boom and rib reinforcement adopts full welding process, assuring the strength and tightness of the tank.

Third, full set of Schneider electrics
All CLW trucks adopt Schneider electrics.

Fourth, full set of ABB electric machine

Fifth, the perfect auger craft in China

Sixth, permanent magnetism generator

Seventh, side sheets are with one-forming model.

Eighth, auger warming device, rear floodlight.

Ninth, special paint, three layers coating and two grinding.

Tenth, tank top adopts Sloping roof design

Eleventh, strict checking, Advanced equipment, etc.

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