Dongfeng 22.5cbm fuel truck

Dongfeng 6*4 22.5cbm fuel tanker( fuel transporting truck)

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
Dongfeng 6*4 double rear 16cbm sludge truck, adopts dongfeng 6*4 original chassis, flathead with sleeper luxurious driver cab, 4350+1350mm wheelbase, Cummins 210 Euro 3 engine, fastgear 8 speed 8JS85E transmission, 5ton front bridge/10ton double rear bridge, 10.00-20 nylon tyre, 280mm double layers truck body, with air-conditioner, etc.
Dongfeng 6*4 fuel tank volume is 22.5cbm, adopting high quality GB 5mm thick carbon steel, with two sets of manholes, one 3 inch discharging, aluminum alloy emergency shutoff device. There are many anti-wave plates interior the tanker, assuring the safe driving when driving and braking, etc.
Other devices: there is a rear ladder and walkway on the top tanker, two sets of extinguishers, one spare tyre, standard tools. 

 Dongfeng 6*4 22.5cbm fuel transporting truck
 Total mass(kg)  25000  Curb mass(kg)  9805
 Rated mass(kg)  15000  Chassis model  EQ1258KB3GJ
 Driver cab person  3  Max speed(km/h)  80
 Approach/departure angle(°)  27/12  Front/rear suspension  1245/2805,1245/2755
 Overall dimension(mm)  9700X2490X3450 Cargo body dimension(mm)  XX
 Axles  3  Axle load(kg)  7000/18000(double axles)
 Tyre  10.00-20,11.00-20,10.00R20,11.00R20  Tyre no.  10
Front tread(mm)  1940  Rear tread(mm)  1860/1860
 Wheelbase(mm)  4350+1300,4350+1350  Springs  8/13,8/12
 Emission standard  GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005( Euro Ⅲ)  Fuel type  Diesel
 Engine model  Manufacturer  Displacement  Power
B210 33
Dongfeng Cummins

Oil/fuel tanker truck refers to the special truck transporting oil liquid, such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene, the most popular liquid tanker trucks. Coming to the performance, we can call fuel transport truck and refueling truck. The fuel delivery truck is used to transfer oil liquid, mainly made up of fuel tanker, filler opening, fuel outlet valve, manhole cover, cargo hose, grounding chanin, etc. At the same time, the refueling truck not only has the above performance, but also has the performance of mobile pump station, and also installing pump-fuel system, measurement system, and operation devices, etc.
The advantages and main description of fuel tanker manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. 

1.Pump, Europe standard manhole, emergrncy valve, bottom loading, compartments is optional.
Pump can be choosen according to the requires. optional are centrifugal pump,. Gear pumps, copper pump, stainless steel pump. The feature is heavy flow and fast rate.
2. The tank can be made of high quality carbon steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, steel lined with plastic, fiberglass, all plastic polyethylene.
3.the tank is using advancing butt welding technology, high pressure gas tank leak after molding technology. The tank with high intensity, gravity center is steady, safe and stable and so on.
1.       two lays primers after treatment of sand blasting, then two lays of final coating ofr clients required color.
2.       the tank is divided into several chambers, there’re holes through

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