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Dongfeng Tianlong 8*4 35CBM LPG truck for propane

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+86 138-8687-8855
Dongfeng Tianlong 8*4 35CBM LPG tanker truck, adopts dongfeng Tianlong original chassis, high top with two sleepers driver cab, Euro3 260hp Cummins engine, fast gear 9 speed, double layers, 10ton double rear bridge, 11.00-20 rail tyre, the tanker volume is 35cbm, the filling volume is 0.42ton/cbm.
Dongfeng 8*4 liquid ammonia tanker truck, adopts the newest design, is the largest single transportation truck in China. High transporting efficiency, safety driving, etc.

Special device   Tanker material Q345R
Standard device Safety valve, Floating Liquidometer, pressure gauge, temperature gauge, emergency Cut-off Valves, valve box, fire extinguisher bottle, fire flame cover, anti-static tape, protecting guard, tyre protection board, etc.
Others Adopting Q345R pressure vessel special 18 manganese steel, the filling medium is propane, the design pressure is 1.77Mpa, the designed temperature is50 degree, the filling volume is 0.42ton/cbm, the corrosion allowance is 1mm, etc.
Manufacturing standard   GB150-1998《steel pressure vessel》, Supervision Regulation On Safety Technology for Pressure Vessel, Regulation of Safety Supervision for Liquefied Gas Tank Car.  
Dongfeng Tianlong 8*4 35CBM LPG tanker truck
Total mass(kg) 31000 Curb mass(kg) 16315
Rated mass(kg) 14490 Chassis model DFL1311A3
Driver cab person 3 Max speed(km/h) 80
Approach/departure angle(°) 26/10,26/9 Front/rear suspension(mm) 1460/2690,1460/2740
Overall dimension(mm) 11700X2500X3720 Cargo body dimension(mm) XX
Axles 4 Axle load(kg) 6500/6500/18000(double axle)
Tyre 11.00R20, Tyre nos. 12
Front tread(mm) 1940/1940,1986/1986,2040/2040 Rear tread(mm) 1860/1860
Wheelbase(mm) 1950+4250+1300, Springs 8/8/10,3/3/4,9/9/10
Emission standard GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005EuroⅢ Fuel type Diesel
Engine model Manufacturer Displacement Power
C260 33 Dongfeng Cummins 8300 191
Remark The transportation medium is LPG  (propane), the filling volume is 0.42ton/cbm, the tanker volume is 35cbm,
LPG tank truck, also known as liquefied petroleum gas vehicles, natural gas vehicles, LPG tankers. The production process requirements were very strict, is a high pressure, low temperature resistant special tank transport vehicles, mainly for liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied petroleum gas, chemical and gas , natural gas and other gas transport of raw materials. The different usage making a floating liquefied petroleum gas tank wagon prices. Please dial our Sales Hotline: We will provide you with comprehensive solutions.
Our liquid fuel truck can be used as liquid propane gas tank or liquefied petroleum gas tank truck. It is mainly used to transport liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide and other liquid mediums.

1.Its major pressure parts include barrel, seal hand, manhole cover, flange, bolt, and adapter tube whose nominal diameter is 250mm,

2. The tank body is made of steel and is designed with thermal insulation blanket at the outer layer.

3. safety accessories are equipped in our truck to ensure security. These accessories including rupture disk device,
emergency shutoff device, anti-static device, safety valve, pressure gage, liquid level indicator, and thermometer.

4. the maximum operating pressure of LPG tank truck is 0.1Pma, and the temperature of liquelified gas should be below 50℃.

5. our liquid fuel tanker truck could be liquid fuel tanker semi-trailer, or mount its tank on the chassis.

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