fuel semi-trailer

triple axles 46cbm aluminum alloy fuel semi-trailer

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  • 程力专用车
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Triple axles aluminum alloy 46cbm fuel semi-trailer, adopts 5083 series alumunum alloy sheets. The thickness of the tanker is 6mm, the head is 8mm, 2 sets manholes, and a discharging open at the bottom,etc.

The driving parts adopts Guangdong FUHUA 13ton vehicle triple axles, 12 sets 11.00-20 vacuum tyres, 28ton outriggers, 90# tractor pin,etc.

The curb mass of the semi-trailer is just about 7.5ton,

3 axles aluminum alloy 46cbm fuel semi-trailer,
Total mass(kg) 40000 Curb mass(kg) 7500
Rated mass(kg) 32500 Chassis model  
Driver cab person   Bearing quality of semi-trailer saddles 16000
Approach/departure angle(°) -/18 Front/rear suspension(mm) -/2000
Overall dimension(mm) 12000X2500X3700 Cargo body dimension(mm) XX
Axles 3 Axle load(kg) -/24000(triple axles )
Tyre 11.00-20 12PR,11.00R20 12PR,12R22.5 12PR Tyre 12
Front tread(mm) - Rear tread(mm) 1840/1840/1840
Wheelbase(mm) 6000+1310+1310 Springs -/8/8/8,-/9/9/9
Emission standard   Fuel type  
Engine model Manufacturer Displacement Power
Remark The tanker volume is 46.1cbm, the transportation medium: fuel, gasolone, chemical liquids,
The fuel semi-trailer is made up of fuel tanker and the frame of the driving part or we can called driving part, etc.

The fuel semi-trailer is a kinds of fuel tanker driving by the fuel tractor truck. Comparing to the common single fuel tanker, the fuel semi-trailer can improve the transportation efficiency, etc.

Performance advantages of stainless steel tanker truck, aluminum alloy fuel semi-trailer
Stainless steel tanker is widely used for transferring food(edible oil, alcohol, milk, etc.), chemicals(diesel, gasoline, methyl alcohol, alkali and sodium, benzenebenzol, etc. ) sick corrosive, etc. transfer medium.
Compact reasonable structure, high strength, fast discharging, heavy load.
They’re adopted water pressure arc-shaped head, higher strength, higher pressure than the common head.

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