Steyr King 15ton fire truck

Steyr King 15TON(3300gallon) water fire truck

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
Driver cab Flathead full metallic sealed driver cab, there is way between the driver cab and seating room, double rows, four doors, panoramic curve type windshield.
Tanker material Adopts high quality carbon steel, welding structure, anti-wave sheets, high-tech anti-corrosive treatment; choosing stainless steel materials.  
Pump rooms The pump installed in the meddle or rear, there are new type easy-pull high strength aluminum alloy rolled doors at the left and right side of the pump room and equipment box.
Equipment box Adopts leading Euro technical aluminum alloy sheets in-built, full riveting structure.
Electronic device There is long warning lamp at the top front side of the driver cab, the truck rear side with 24V and 60V fire area lamping light; the front of the right and left of the whole truck with red and blue flashing light and rear  identification lamp ; there are also lights in the seating room, equipments box, and pump room, etc. installed 100V alarm light, slew alarm switch, prepared interface for the communication equipments.
 Main parameters Water tank volume(L) 15000L
Fire fight cannon Model SP60 type fire cannon Range water≥60m/1.0MPa
Fire fighting pump(common pressure pump) Model BS60 model Rated flow 60L/s
Rated pressure 1.0MPa Drawing water time ≤35s(7m max sucking height)
Fire fighting pump(
medium-low pump)
Model CB20.10/30.60 Drawing water time ≤50s(7m max sucking height)
Flow at low pressure 60L/s/1.0MPa Flow at medium pressure 30L/s/2.0MPa

Truck name Steyr King double rear water tank fire truck
Fire truck type Water tank
Tanker volume 15000L
Fires The common wood fires.
STEYR KING water tank fire truck, adopts the second type SINO TRUK Steyr original ZZ1256M4646C, then refitted the upper parts. The whole fire trucks is with compact conformation, perfect dynamic performance, high speed, with full units of fire fighting device, etc. All of the upper skeletal of the upper trucks adopt leading Euro aluminum alloy sheets, with light weight, largely improved the activities and the whole truck loading. Besides the fire fighting pump and the equipments, there are also large volume of water storage tank, water cannon, and water gun, etc. transporting the water and firemen to the fire areas independently to fight the fires. And also sucking water from the water source then fire fighting the fires, etc. And supplying and delivering drinking water and water in the places lack of water. SINO TRUK double rear bridge 15ton water fire pumper is mainly used for fire fighting the common fires for the medium-big towns and fire brigade, etc.
Truck Steyr King water tank fire truck Chassis model ZZ1256M4646C
Mass  (kg) Rated mass 15000 Overall dimension 10025×2500×3420
Curb mass 13100 Cargo body dimension  
Max total mass 28550 Wheelbase 4325+1350,4600+1350
Engine model Model WD615.92 Manufacturer SINO TRUK
Power 196/266hp Displacement 9726
Emission standard GB17691-2005 Euro 3 ,GB3847-2005
Person 2+4 Max speed 90km/h Springs 9/12,10/12,10/-
Tyre 11.00-20,12.00-20 Front suspension(mm) 1560 Rear suspension 2790
Axle load(kg) 6980/21570(double axle) Front tread(mm) 1939,1958 Rear tread(mm) 1800/1800,1830/1830
Remark The tanker volume is 15cbm(3300gallon), the water tanker dimension: 4400×2380×1450mm.Steyr King double axles water fire truck adopts  WD615.92(WD615.93) engine

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