FOTON AUMAN 12ton truck mounted crane

FOTON AUMAN 12ton truck mounted crane

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  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
  • 程力专用车
FOTON AUMAN 8*4 12ton truck mounted crane, adopts FOTON AUMAN original chassis, 2000+4700+150(mm) wheelbase, ETX-2490 truck body, fastgear 9 speed transmission PTO, 13ton 457 rear bridge, 11.00-20 nylon tyre, airbag seats, SC8DK260Q3 260hp common rail engine or SC8DK280Q3 280hp common rail engine, 350L aluminum alloy oil tank, metallic coating, air conditioner, etc.
The dimension of the FOTON AUMAN 8*4 truck mounted crane is  8500X2315X550(mm), choosing to install 12ton chengliwei straight crane arm; hydraulic rear outriggers, etc.
SQ12SA2 crane arm, the working radius is 11.8m, the lifting height is 13.6m, and the outrigger dimension is 5.9m, 360 degree full circle slewing.

Crane model SQ12SA2(12 ton 3 sections straight boom)
Max lift mass (kg) 12000
Max lift force moment (n.m) 320000
Profile Pentagon slewing Slewing speed(r/min) 2
Numbers of sections 3(extended 2 sections boom) Slewing range 360
Length (m) 4.5-11.9 Outrigger Type Up-right supported
Max working radius(m) 11.8 Outrigger dimension(m) 2.2-5.9
Extended speed(m/s) 6.8/35 Hydraulic system Pressure (mpa) 24
Luffing  range 1-70 Oil tanker volume (L) 180
Elevation-up speed(°/s) 70/22 Safety device Stop alarm
Max lift height(m) 13.6 Curb mass(kg)   4000
The single rope   allowable load (N) 19600 Suitable truck Above 12 ton load truck
Max single rope speed(m/min) 8.03 The install room: 1250mm
Remark: this is the rated parameters for the system flow of 1500L/min.
rope diameter(mm) 12
Rope length (m) 115
Working radius(m) 2.5 3 3.5 4  5
FOTON AUMAN 8*4 12ton truck mounted crane
 Total mass(kg)  31000  Curb mass(kg)  14805
 Rated mass(kg)  16000  Chassis model  BJ5317ZNPJJ-S
 Driver cab person  3  Max speed(km/h)  85
 Approach/departure (°)  15/10  Front/rear suspension(mm)  1555/2395
 Overall dimension(mm)  12000X2500X3800  Cargo body dimension(mm)  8500X2315X550
 Axles    Axle load(kg)  6500/6500/18000(double axle)
 Tyre  11.00-20,11.00R20,12.00-20,12.00R20  Tyre no.  12
 Front tread(mm)  1930/1930  Rear tread(mm)  1847/1847
 Wheelbase(mm)  2000+4700+1350  Springs  13/14/12
 Emission standard  GB17691-2005 EuroⅢ,GB3847-2005  Fuel type  Diesel
 Engine model  Manufacturer  Displacement  Power
 Shanghai diesel engine
 Shanghai diesel engine


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Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of truck mounted crane, crane truck, truck crane, hydraulic cargo truck crane, etc. in China. With many years’ experience in manufacturing and selling, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. could offer Dongfeng brand, XCMG brand, FOTON brand, ISUZU brand, FAW brand, JAC Brand, JMC brand, truck mounted cranes. And the crane arms can adopt XCMG, SANY, SHIMEI, CHENGLIWEI, etc. The hydraulic crane truck factory of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. could offer 2ton-5ton small truck crane, 5ton-10ton medium truck mounted crane, 10ton-20ton large boom truck crane, heave duty crane truck, knuckle boom truck crane hydraulic crane mobile crane, etc.

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