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Foton Auman milk truck for sale
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Foton auman 8*4 milk tank, adopts high quality Foton aumna 8*4 original chassis, ETX 2420 flathead luxurious driver cab with original air-conditioner, 1860+4700+13009mm wheelbase, Shanghai diesel Euro 4 270hp engine, fastgear 9 speed transmission, 457 rear bridge, 11.00R20 tyre, etc.

Foton auman 25cbm milk truck with five components, The outer layer with insulation layer to avoid the fresh milk going bad. The inner tanker is polished by the special equipment, and making sure no milk hanging. The inner tanker is smooth, non sharp angle, etc. There is CIP(cleaning device) installed for the five rooms.
There are three layers of the milk semi-trailer, the inner tanker is manufactured by 4mm thick 304/2B food grade stainless steel; the middle is 80mm PU foam insulation layer, and 60mm PU foam of the manhole part, the temperature will be changed one degree within 24 hours; the exterior of the tanker is 1.2mm thick 304 stainless steel mirror panel.
The inner tanker has cleaning device, cleaning rod(cleaning ball), cleaning pipe(with the diameter of 38mm), turntable cleaning sprayer, etc. Automatically cleaning when with water source.

More pictures of Foton Auman 8*4 milk truck for sale as below.

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