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bulk feed tank mounted on cargo truck
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At present, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. can design and produce whole bulk feed truck and also bulk feed tank (mounted on cargo truck). And according to the driving model, the bulk feed pellet trucks can be divided into electronic discharging bulk feeds truck, hydraulic discharging feed pellet truck and Gas discharge bulk feed transportation truck. We can design and produce various tonnage bulk feeds trucks upon request.
Main parameters of feed tank mounted on cargo truck

Tank dimension(L*W*H) 9000×2450×2300(suitable for installed on 9.6m cargo van
Tank volume(m3) 38.5
Average discharging speed(kg/min) 510
Rotation angle when auger working ±180o
angle of elevation when auger working 60o
Delivery range Max Horizontal range(m) 7.2
Max vertical range(m) 8.2
residual rate ≦0.10
More pictures of bulk feed pellet tanks mounted on cargo trucks as below 


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