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Customized ISUZU 100P stainless steel refrigerated truck
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Customized ISUZU 100P stainless steel refrigerated truck for sale 

ISUZU 100P stainless steel refrigherated truck, adopts ISUZU 100P truck chassis, ISUZU 4KH1CN5LS 98hp diesel engine, ISUZU MSB 5 speed transmission, 2tons front axle/4tons rear axle, 7.00R16 tires*6+1, with original air conditioner and power steering, 3360mm wheelbase, etc.
The overall dimension(L*W*H) of ISUZU frozen van truck is 5995X1910X2790(mm), and the cold room box body dimension(l*W*H): 4100*1740*1750(mm). And client can choose China-made high quality preservation/frozen reefer or USA CARRIER/THERMO KING preservation/frozen reefer. The temperature can be adjusted from 0℃ to -18℃, etc. And the reefer can be adjusted at the driver cab.

More pictures of ISUZU 4*2 LHD stainless steel refrigerated truck as below 

customized ISUZU 4*2 LHD stainless steel refrigerator truck for sale 
main technical parameters of ISUZU 4*2 LHD stainless steel refrigerator truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below 

Items Descriptions Specifications and Types  
General  Truck Name  ISUZU LHD 3tons refrigerated truck for sale  
Drive Type  4*2  
Loading capacity 2000kgs-3000kgs  
Seating person 2-3  
GVW (kg) 4495  
Curb Weight (kg)  2866  
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)  (mm) 5995X1910X2790  
Insulation van dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 4100X1740X1750  
Driver cab ISUZU 100P single row luxurious driver cab with original air conditioner  
Max speed 98KW/h  
Engine Engine Model  4KH1CN5LS  
Engine Brand  ISUZU diesel engine engine  
Fuel Type  Diesel  
Max output (hp/rpm) 72KW/98hp  
Emission Standard  Euro Ⅴ  
Capacity (cc)  2999  
Chassis  Chassis Brand ISUZU brand  
Tire Specification  700R16*6+1  
Wheelbase (mm)  3360  
Axle No.  2  
Steering Wheel Left hand drive with power steering  
Gear Box  ISUZU MSB 5 speed gearbox, manual    
Brake  oil brake with booster pump  
Air-conditioner Yes, original  
Cold Room Box inner dimension(mm) 4100X1740X1750  
Box Side Exterior and interior with stainless steel , and the middle with 80mm PU slices with vacuum negative pressure one-formed casting as the insulation layer, approved the related Ministry of Health of food grade requirements, etc. just like sandwich structure.  
Box Floor Baseboard adopts aluminum alloy air flow vents, which keep the air flow and fresh for long distance delivering.  
Doors Frame of standard rear double doors adopts the stainless steel structure frame with light mass and perfect corrosive resistance, etc.
The door edgings frames are sealed with the imported high quality epdm rubber, making sure the van insulation stability.
Door edgings, door locks and accessories use stainless steel materials.
Reefer USA Carrier China-made HANXUE brand L-Z25 independent reefer, the temperature can be adjusted from 0 to -10, etc. And the reefer can be adjusted at the driver cab.
And client can choose USA Imported CARRIER/THERMO KING reefer.
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