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Cheap price 42,000Liters aluminum alloy semi-trailer tank
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Cheap price 42,000Liters aluminum alloy semi-trailer tanker for oil transport

European Standard aluminium alloy tank material adopts EN standard aluminium alloy 42m3 diesel transport tanker 3axle

Choose aluminum tank tankers, in the same volume, the aluminum tank is about 40% lighter than steel, makes the vehicle center of gravity low, not easy to roll over, driving safety;Aluminum alloy conductive performance is good, static electricity is not easy to , when the vehicle collision or tilting won't produce sparks;The oxidation of aluminum alloy surface with a layer of dense layer of protective film, will not rust, so that it can't be contaminated product, can ensure that the quality of the oil in the transportation;Because of light weight, can increase load, decrease The Times of transport and improve transport efficiency, reduce the fuel consumption and emissions;Recycled aluminum alloy materials, repeated use (i.e., smelting) for many times, and will not reduce the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy;But welding aluminum alloy material is difficult, etc. 

More pictures of 42,000Liters aluminum alloy oil tank semitrailer manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below. 

high quality and competitive price 42,000Liters aluminum alloy tank semitrailer for sale
main technical parameters of 42,000Liters aluminum alloy fuel tank manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. asbelow 

Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi Trailer
Outer imensions(mm) 12290*2550*3650(mm)
Nominal capcity(L) 42000L
Total capcity(L) 44100L
Fifth wheel height(unload) 1319
King Ping Height 1218
King Ping setting 1100
Wheel distance 7960
Axle space 1310+1310
Loading gear location 2420
Tare weight 6400
Maximum payload 31600
Maximum gross weight 38000
Maximum king pin payload 12860
Maximum axle payload 25140
Material Aluminum alloy 5454
Shell 5.5mm thickness
Head 6mm thickness
Baffles 6mm thickness
More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita. The hot sale line is 0086 13886878855. 

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