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Customized JAC Mobile stage van truck for sale
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Customized JAC Mobile stage van truck for sale 

JAC 16ton mobile stage truck for sale, is also called mobile advertising LED truck, is the combination of truck and large LED panel. It is a kind of advertising equipment by LED screen as an information output device and mobile box as the main body of the truck. It can transform position by itself, generally bring audio, computer and other equipment. LED advertising truck can be used for product promotion, brand promotion, showcases, sales live demonstration, sporting events, concerts, etc. In most cases it is used in busy business locations, community, public square and park area to on-site display, exchange and interact with the target consumers, which can make the customers get the maximum advertising communication effect.



Product notes of JAC Mobile stage truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below 


1. P6,P8 and P10 full color led screen for optional, meet all customer's requirement.

2. Side screen can be lifted 1.5m for stage performance,good visual effect

3. Double color scrolling marquee on the rear door.

4. Equipped with high quality play devices. perfect listening effect.

5. Super-silent generator,  save electricity, environmental protection

6. Luxury wood floor with plastic flooring

More pictures of JAC brand mobile stage truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below 

customized mobile stage truck for sale 

HOT SAEL! JAC 4*2 LHD mobile stage van truck 


Main technical parameters of JAC 16ton mobile stage for sale

JAC 16ton mobile stage for sale
Item detail parameter
Vehicle Model CLW5160XWTD4
Overall dimensions(L*W*H/mm) 8440*2500*3750
passenger allowed in cab 2-3 person
Gross weight(kgs) 16000
Curb weight(kgs) 10500
Front overhang/rear overhang(mm) 1400/2340
Approach/departure angel(°) 18/17
Axle load(kgs) 5600/10400
Traction system 4*2
wheel base(mm) 4700
Max speed(km/h) 90
Chassis Brand JAC
model HFC5161XXYP3K1A47V
Tire specification

9.00R20 16PR

Tire no. 6
Front wheel distance(mm) 1800
Rear wheel distance(mm) 1800
Transmission manual
Engine Model WP4.165E50
manufacturer Weichai
fuel type Diesel
Horse Power(kw/hp) 121/165
Exhaust(ml) 4500
Emission standard Euro 5/4/3

the stage box body standard configuration as below 

Standard upper box configuration

LED screen

One side waterproof P8 color screen,other side more picture automatically switch subtitles advertising light boxes

Voltage control electric system

220V, equipped with air switch and power master switch, installed in front of the box

Screen material left side screen is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, outdoor, high-definition, full color screen.  right side screen is glass roller system with single red strip screen. rear screen is single red screen
Generator high-performance ultra-quiet on-board generator set
Amplifier broadcast effect
Computer brand  I4 high configuration industrial control computer, 2-7 lamp picture switch
Speaker brands waterproof sound column
Box material 5 cm composite steel cabinet
Floor material waterproof woodiness floor
Interior material high temperature resistant aluminum checkered plate
Roller advertising light box toughened glass, LED lamp
Electrical control system safety inside and outside network switch
Electrical safety leakage protection system, lightning protection system
Media control system Gigabit streaming player
Ventilation system strong exhaust fan, ceiling type exhaust skylight
Back door of the box upstand spring door, concealed door lock, step ladder
Optional Upper box configuration
Lifting system precision electric hydraulic orbit
Hydraulic leg 4 single operation
Hydraulic stage area of 8 to 10 square meters
outer splicing stage according to your requirements
Setted stage according to your requirements
LED dispaly screen

Optional P10, P8, P7, P6,P5 different specifications high-definition waterproof LED full color screen, the corresponding parameter is in the following table

More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita. The hot sale line is 0086 13886878855. 

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