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Forland 4*2 RHD mini 3m3 hook lift garbage truck for India
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Forland 4*2 RHD mini 3m3 hook lift garbage truck for India 

Hook arm garbage truck adopts full hydraulic pressure control system operation, garbage can completely separate compartments within the chassis, with reasonable structure, easy operation, stability, high efficiency, good seal performance does not produce secondary pollution, dumping is convenient wait for an advantage, can realize a car compartments joint operation with multiple garbage, circulation transportation, fully improve the transport ability of the vehicle.It can carry a lot of boxes, efficient, energy saving and cost saving

This model of hook arm garbage truck adopts FORLAND light vehicle truck chassis, the right wheelhouse steering wheel, the engine maximum power can reach 29KW/49 horsepower, torque 97 N.m.Electric power steering system.Electric control flameout function, standard with induction valve.The cylinder adopts Jiangsu oil cylinder, Huai 'an multi - way valve.The garbage can is equipped with 3 square standard with 2m*1.5m*1m.

More pictures of forland 4*2 RHD mini 3m3 hook arm lift garbage truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below

customized forland mini hook lift garbage truck for sale 

HOT SALE!forland 4*2 RHD 3m3 hook lift garbage truck for sale 

operation panel of arm-pulling garbage truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. 

Main technical parameters of Forland 4*2 mini RHD hook lift garbage truck as below 

Truck name Forland mini RHD garbage truck Garbage van volume 3cubic meters/2tons
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 4350×1600×1900mm Speed of upper-van ≤12S
Total mass 3600 Speed of down-van ≤12S
Curb mass 2300KG Discharging speed ≤8S
Loading mass 1300KG Hook lift loading capacity 2.5tons
Fuel type Diesel Engine model LL480QB 29KW/39hp
Truck chassis main parameters
Chassis model BJ1010V0JA3-2 wheelbase 2456mm
Transmission 5T70 5 speed transmission Rear axle 3tons rear axle
Braking system Oil braking Power steering Yes
 Emission standard  Euro Ⅰ  Fuel type Diesel
One truck with one garbage van, the clients can have one truck body with several garbage vans.
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