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customized ISUZU water fire truck for Republic of Azerbaija
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HOT SALE! customized ISUZU water fire truck for  Republic of Azerbaijan

ISUZU 700P double cabs water fire truck customized for client from 
 Republic of Azerbaijan. 

The detailed technical parameters of ISUZU 3,000Liters water fire truck as below 

Curb weight: ≤6,000kgs
Total weight: ≤10,000kgs(with full water)
, Chassis
Model:ISUZU Automobile/QL1100A8KAY
Engine brand:ISUZU
Engine model:4HK1-TC5
Overall dimension(mm:Length:6940; Width:2280; Height:2880
Emission standard:Euro Ⅴ
Rated power:141KW/190HP
Driving type:4*2
, Driver cab
Structure: double cabs driver cab
Seats: 2+3
Equipments in the driver cab: besides the original equipments of the driver cab, also installing PTO control switch, 100W siren, switch of the rotary warning light, and the pile head for the radio power cord and power line.
, Water tank
Volume: 3150kgs
Material: high quality 304 stainless steel material
Structure: welding framework
Equipment: 1 set *manhole, with the quick lock-open device;
          1 set*fluid level indicator
          1 set*drain outlet, with stainless steel ball-valve
          2 sets* water filling nozzles (each one for left and right)
, Fire-fighting pump and pipeline system (anti-corrosive copper type fire-fighting pump and full stainless steel pipeline system)
A, Fire-fighting pump: CB10/30 middle-low pressure fire-fighting pump (anti-corrosive copper type)
Flow rate: 30L/second (at the low pressure)
Pressure: low pressure 1.0
Installation place: rear installed
B, Pipeline system
Sucking pipeline: Φ100mm inlet of the water pump, sucking water from natural water source or water tank.
Outlet pipeline: 2 outlets for each side, getting through water cannon pipeline with the diameter no less than 89mm from the tank to the tank top.
Pipeline for draining residual water: to protect water pump and different ball valves, usually choose to install pipeline for draining residual water and with ball valves.
Cooling water pipeline: choose to install pipeline of cooling water for the pipelines system and stainless steel ball valves for inlet-outlet pipeline, so that PTO can handle different complex circumstance.
, fire-fighting monitor
Model: PS30~50D model fire-fighting monitor
Flow rate: 30L/second
Range: ≥45m
Pressure: 1.0MPa
Model: full-power sandwich type PTO
Cooling mode: forced water-cooling
Lubrication mode: splash lubrication
Ⅶ, storage compartment and pump compartment (anti-corrosive aluminum alloy material)
Material: high quality aluminum alloy material framework and aluminum alloy sheet glued structure mask
Structure: the partition inside the storage compartment adopts aluminum alloy structure, solid and reliable, improving space utilization and variability. 
Door: aluminum alloy roller shutter door each for left and right side of the storage compartment; lightweight and reliable, lower noisy.
Ⅷ, flip foot board
Material: high strengthen steel structure and pattern aluminum alloy mask
Structure:  adopts spring and door stop double fixed structure
, electrical system
Front of the Truck top with long row alarm lamps (at the front part of the driver cab top)
Truck top equips 1 set lamp of 24V and 60W
Two sides of the vehicle top with flashing lights and lower part of the vehicle with side marker lamps.
Siren power: 100W. The electronic network of the siren, alarm lamp and flashing light is independent additional circuit, controlled at the driver cab.
, equipment list for ISUZU fire fighting vehicle as below

Item No. Water tank fire-fighting truck Nos. Unit. Remark
Fire fighting equipments 1 Fire-fighting sucking pipe 2 Piece      4000mm×2
2 Filter 1 Piece  
3 Trap 1 Piece  
4 Water collector 1 Piece  
5 ∈65×20m water band 6 Piece      Atmospheric pressure
6 ∈80×20m water band 2 Piece     Atmospheric pressure
7 Reducing interface 2 Piece  
8 Same type of interface 1 Piece  
9 Fire ax 1 Piece  
10 Water tape cloth 4 Piece  
11 Guard band bridge 1 Piece  
12 Hook with water 4 Piece  
13 Ground hydrant wrench 1 Piece  
14 Underground hydrant wrench 1 Piece  
15 Water pipe wrench 2 Piece  
16 Fire water gun 2 Piece DC switch flowering each one
17 Fire bucket 1 piece  
Demolish life-saving tools 1 Fire extinguisher 1 Piece  
2 Shovel 1 Piece  
3 Fire waist ax 1 Piece  
4 T-pick 1 Piece  
5 Iron collar 1 Piece  
More pictures of ISUZU 700P water fire truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below.

HOT SALE! customized ISUZU water fire truck for sale 

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