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dongfeng 153 pesticide sprayer truck for New Guinea
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One unit of Dongfeng 153 11m3 pesticide spraying truck for New Guinea

Pesticides spraying vehicle which also called truck mounted pesticide sprayer, pesticide sprinkler,
epidemic disinfection vehicles, wide range blaster spraying machine, dedusting sprayer, deodorization spraying truck, mosquito controlling truck, pest control truck, insecticide spraying truck, water tank truck with pesticides sprayer, etc. It is designed to transport and spray pesticide, spraying pesticides to control pest in agriculture and mosquito in human life.
Pesticide spraying truck is one kind of special purpose vehicle, equips with high quality portable power generator unit and foggers additionally mounted on water tank. The portable gasoline/diesel generator drives the foggers, making the liquid atomization, so the pesticide could be sprayed very equably. At the same time, the pesticide sprayer truck can be also installed with special purpose sprayers in all sides to achieve front flushing, rear sprinkling, and side spraying. When loading clean water, it is used to sprinkle and clean the roads, water the plants for multipurpose functions.

Today, we will introduce 2017s best seller-dongfeng 153 190hp diesel pesticides spraying vehicle manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below. 

High quality and competitive price Dongfeng 4*2 LHD pesticide spraying vehicle for sale 

multifunctions of dongfeng pesticide sprayer vehicle for sale 
Main technical parameters of hot sale Dongfeng pesticides spraying vehicle manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below

Spraying system
Tank volume 11m3 Spraying width 15m
Water cannon lift 30m Vertical sucking distance 7m
Tank dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 5000*2100*1380 Seated person 3
Standard devices Tank material: 4mm thickness carbon steel, water pump, water cannon, working platform, PTO, front-flushing, rear spraying, self-discharging valve, filter, sprayer, gimbal sprayer, selector valve, self-discharging and self-loading function, etc.
Truck chassis
Chassis model EQ1141/EQ1168 Emission standard Euro Ⅲ/Euro Ⅳ/Euro Ⅴ
Axle nos. 2 Wheelbase(mm) 4500
Tire specification 10.00R20 Tire nos. 6
Gearbox 6 speed gearbox Front/rear axle 4.5tons/9tons
Fuel type Diesel Brake Air cut brake
Engine main parameters
Engine model   Manufacturer Displacement(ml) Rated power(KW)
B190 33 Dongfeng Cummins 5900 140
Pesticide spraying function
Pesticide machine model LH60 (client choose to install different model) Max spraying range 60m
Spraying flow 40m3h Generator unit 50KW
Horizontal rotation angle ±360° Control way Manual/automobile/remote control
Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. tell you the advantages of pesticide spraying truck
First, the pesticide spraying truck adopts high quality China-made or imported diesel or gasoline generator units with reliable and safe working ability.
Second, it is with large power, wide range and perfect penetrability.
Third, the customer can choose the manual control or remote control( adjusting at the driver cab), easy and flexible operation.
Fourth, it realizes common, low mass spraying, saving dose, improving dose efficiency, low pollution, etc.
Fifth, low manpower, high working efficiency, and low cost, etc.
Sixth, the spraying blaster machine can be separated from the truck, flexible operation, etc.
Seventh, we can equip different sizes of spraying machines upon request.

More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita. The hot sale line is 0086 13886878855. 

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