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DONGFENG RHD 5,000L fuel dispensing truck for Malaysia
Release time:2017-04-05 16:26 Editor:truckdf From:Chengli

6 Units of DONGFENG RHD fuel tank truck export to Malaysia 

Last month, we received an order of 6 units of dongfeng RHD 5,000L fuel dispensing trucks from Malaysia client-GAFUNG PETROLEUM company, one of the bigger oil gas company in Malaysia. 

And for the Malaysia market, we book the RHD dongfeng brand truck chassis, 3300mm wheelbase, chaochai 95hp Euro 3 diesel engine, 2tons front axle/4tons rear axle, 5 speed gearbox, 7.00-16 tires, power steering, etc. 

This Dongfeng 4*2 oil dispensing truck is with the shape of ellipse, adopts 4mm high quality GB carbon steel, with four compartments and several anti-wave sheets. And the fuel tanker volume is 3-5cbm, equipped with special carbon steel fuel pump, one manhole, one self-discharging valve at the tanker bottom, one aluminum ally emergency shutoff device, one unit aluminum alloy elevating guardrail, one unit of China-made refueling dispenser and 15m self-return Refueling reel and refueling nozzle, pipeline, ladder, one toolbox, etc.

More pictures of dongfeng brand 4*2 RHD oil dispensing truck for 
GAFUNG PETROLEUM company from Malaysia as below 

DONGFENG RHD fuel refueler truck for Malaysia 

HOT SALE! mobile dongfeng RHD fuel dispensing truck exported to Malaysia 

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