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HOWO 12m3 6tons bulk feed truck for sale
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SINO TRUK HOWO 4*2 LHD 12m3 farm-oriented poultry animal feed transported truck for sale 

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of bulk feed delivery truck, animal feed tanker truck in China since 2004s. With many years’ development, the animal feed tanker trucks manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. are with simple structure, reliable performance, large delivery amount, easy operation, etc. suitable for feed transporting of different sizes farms.

SINO TRUK HOWO 4*2 12m3 animal feed truck for sale 

2017s new 5-6tons bulk feed truck for sale 
Main technical parameters of hot sale SINO TRUK HOWO light duty 12m3 feed delivery truck as below 

SINO TRUK HOWO light duty 12cbm bulk feed truck
Product name Bulk feed transportation truck Overall dimension(L*W*H) 6990×2480×3700(mm)
Tank volume 12m3 Compartments 2 compartments with 2 different feeds
Discharging speed 400-500KG/min Tank dimension 4590x2470x1650(mm)
discharging rotation angle ±180 degree Total mass  9990 (kg)
dischargingmaxangle of elevation: 60 degree Rated mass  3800 (kg)
horizontal distance of supplying 6.1m Curb mass 5995 (kg) 
Vertical distance of supplying 7.6m Max speed 95 (km/h)
Remark 1, the tank material adopts high quality carbon steel, equips with high quality electronic auger,
12m discharging all. 

2, The feed tank is with 2compartments to load 2 kinds of feeds with separate discharging
operation system.

3, Sealed transportation and reducing wastage, saving manpower and bag price, easy operation
and maintenance. 
5, Low centre of gravity, reliable loading and discharging, good appearance with high quality 
CLW5161ZSLD3 bulk feed truck chassis  
Chassis model ZZ Fuel type Diesel    
Axle nos. 2 Emission
Euro 3  
Tyre nos. 6+1 Tyre specification 7.50R16 radial tyres  
Engine ISF3.8s3141 Cummins 141hp/ CY4102BZLQ chaochai
120hp diesel
Wheelbase 3800   
Chassis remark SINO TRUK HOWO 2080mm single row driver cab, 2.4tons front
axle/4.2tons rear axle,
wangliyang 6 speed gearbox,
7.50R16 radial tires*6+1, 3800mm wheelbase, etc.
Average discharging speed(kg/min) 510-560  
Rotation angle of auger when discharging ±180 degree  
max elevation angle of auger when discharging 70 degree  
Delivery distance  Horizontal max range(m) 7.2
Vertical max range(m) 8.2
Residual rate No more than 0.10

More information of animal feed truck, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita. The hot sale line of feed truck is +86 13886878855. 

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