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hot sale!skid system lpg with Automatic lpg dispenser
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10tons skid system lpg with Automatic lpg dispenser for sale

skid system lpg with automobile lpg gas dispenser is used for refilling of liquified petrol gas (LPG). As a major equipment of the LPG station, it is equipped with high-accuracy positive displacement flowmeter,microcomputer control, large LCD counter and various control valves and protection devices assuring operation safety.With advanced manufacturing technique, the dispenser has reliable quality and excellent performance with characteristics of precise ration, easy maintainance and centralized control. Each gun connects to an independent flow and metering system which prevents interference. 

skid system lpg with automobile lpg dispenser can fill not only the domestic gas cylinders, but also automobiles, mainly city buses, just to adjust the nozzles. 

We can customize skid system lpg plant with single dispenser or double dispensers. 

automobile lpg gas dispensers for sale 

10tons skid lpg plant with automobile lpg dispensers(with double nozzles) 

The main parameters of 10tons skid lpg plant with double automobile lpg gas dispensers as below  

Volume of Tank 20,000L
Filling Weight 10000kgs
Tank Weight 5080kgs
Thickness of Shell (mm) 12mm
Thickness of Endplate (mm) 14mm
Tank Diameter (mm) 2100 mm
Tank Dimensions (mm) (length x width x height) 6154*2124*2714 mm
External Dimensions (mm) (length x width x height) To be designed to be loaded in a 40’container
Material of Tank Carbon Steel Q345R
Filling Medium Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( Propane)
Design Pressure 1.77 MPa
Corrosion Allowance 1 mm
Medium Density 420-520 kg/ cbm
Manufacturing Standard: Pressure vessels, Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for Stationary Pressure Vessels of China.
Main parts of LPG Tank
Item Specification/ mm Quantity
Discharge Pipe DN50 1
Inflow Pipe DN50 1
Outlet DN50 1
Gas phase balance pipes DN50 2
Manhole DN450 1
Drain Hole DN50 1
Other accessories: Cut-off Valve, Needle Valve, Safety Valve, Liquid level meter, Pressure gauge, Temperature Gauge.
LPG Skid Parts list
Item Model Number Quantity
LPG Tanker 20,000L 1 piece
Pump 2" inlet & 2" outlet 1 Piece
Explosive-proof Motor 380V with 220V adapter 1 Piece
Automatic lpg dispenser Single nozzle or double nozzles, filling  automobiles or domestic gas cylinders to adjust nozzles, 1
Pipes / 1 Sets
Cut-off Valve J41N-40 DN50 25 Pieces
J41N-40 DN15 10 Pieces
Safety Valve A42F-25 DN50 1 Piece
Pipe Safety Valve A21F-25 DN15 1 Piece
Level Gauge Float ball type 1 Unit
Discharging pipe L=4M DN50/DN25 1 Piece
Shock-absorbing Tube L=500mm DN50 2 Pieces
Flange 2.5MPaDN15 20 Pieces
Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of lpg gas pressure vessels in China. With many years'development, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. could manufacture and supply surface/underground lpg gas storage tank, lpg gas tank semitrailer, skid lpg gas refilling plant, lpg gas truck, lpg gas bobtail vehicle, etc. More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita. The hot sale line is 0086 13886878855. 

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