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Dongfeng 4*2 LHD 10cbm water truck for sale
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Dongfeng 4*2 LHD 10cbm water truck for sale 
Product brand CLW
Product name Water truck for sale 
Product model CLW5111GSST3
Manufacturer Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd.
Engine model B170 33 Engine manufacturer Cummins
Displacement(ml) 5900 Engine power(KW) 125
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 7500×2470×3050 Cargo body dimension  × ×
Total mass(Kg) 11495 Rated mass(kg)  4500
Curb mass(kg) 6800 Driver cab person 3
Approach/departure angle 27/13 Front/rear suspension(mm) 1250/2300
Wheelbase(mm) 3950 Axle load(kg) 3750/7745
Axle nos. 2 Steel spring 8/11+8
Tyre specification 6 Tyre specification 9.00-20
Front tread 1900,1810 Rear tread(mm) 1800
Steering Steering wheel Max speed(km/h) 85
Emission standard Euro 3
Chassis model EQ1110GLJ

Main parameters
A, dongfeng 145 10cbm water truck, adopts dongfeng 145 original chassis, 4*2 driving type, flathead one row and a sleeper driver cab, 3950mm wheelbase, Cummins B170hp(6 cylinders) inter-cooling diesel engine, dongfeng 6 speed transmission, 3.6ton front bridge/9ton rear bridge,, 9.00-20 nylon tyre, with power steering, etc.
B, Main technical data.

1 Chassis model


2 Engine model B170 33
3 Engine power 125kw
5 fuel consumption(L/100km) 23L
6 Max speed 90kw/h
7 Mining turning diameter 18m
8 Max Climb gradient 25﹪
9 Wheelbase 3950(mm)
10 Total mass 11495Kg
11 Curb mass 6800Kg
12 Rated mass 4500Kg(real load is 10,000kg)
13 Tank volume 10m3
14 Water pump model 60-90(CLW brand)
15 Water pump flow 60m3/h
16 Water pump delivery head 90m
17 Tank volume 10m3
18 Max watering width(front sprinkling) ≥25m(360 degree adjustable, double front spraying nozzles)
19 Max watering width(rear sprinkling) ≥20m
20 Max watering width(side sprinkling) ≥20m
21 Water cannon water range ≥35m
22 Water pump type Self-sucking
23 Self-sucking height ≥7m
Overall dimension(L*W*H)7500×2470×3050mm
CLW5111GSST3 water truck, refits on the second type truck chassis EQ1110GLJ. Water truck is made up of water tank and pump drainaging system.
1, tank, adopts high quality 4mm thickness hot rolled plate, and the double head ends with 5mm hot rolled plates. There is two units of anti-wave plates inside the tank. In order to last the using life, the water tank is with Phosphating coating treatment, and also painted with anticorrosive varnish.
2, Pump drainaging system, chooses Japan technical CLW brand 60-90 model water pump. And the PTO choose to install dongfeng 145 special PTO; the valves choose the high quality CLW brand aluminum alloy ball valves;  the pipeline adopts high quality perfect galvanized pipes, etc.
The quality and functions of water trucks
Front spraying: fitted with 360° rotatable straight nozzles controlled by driver cab. The flush width can reach >15m.
Rear sprinkling, fitted with 2 rear spraying devices, mainly used to clean the road, make the road clear. When spraying as fan-shaped, the spraying width can reach >25m.
High spraying: working platform equipped with water cannon, the spraying range can reach 28m, the water cannon can adjust to heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle or mist, etc. mainly used for landscaping greening, also sued as fire truck in urgency.
Side sprinkling: install 2 side spraying nozzles behind the truck, mainly used to spray, water, dedusting of the greening, etc.
Self-sucking: install with 2 suction sleeves, one absorber,
Filter device, 

More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita. The hot sale line is 0086 13886878855. 

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