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Rescue truck and lighting tower vehicle in Japan
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A rescue vehicle is a type of specialty firefighting or emergency medical services apparatus. They are primarily designed to provide the specialized equipment necessary for technical rescue situations such as auto accidents requiring vehicle extrication, building collapses, confined space rescue, rope rescues and swiftwater rescues.
According to the aim, the rescue truck body is made from anti-rust and non-cossosive materials, is rugged designed with suitable ventilation and drains where need and offers good visibility in front, sides and rear. Its design provides ample storage spaces for tools and equipment and can be customized to your unique requirement.
Lighting tower vehicle carries eight 2000W metal halide lamps that are powered by the on board generator. By lighting up the emergency scene it enables fire fighting and rescue operations at right. And, the 30KVA generator mounted on the vehicle turns this vehicle into an emergency power source during power failures.

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