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best sellers JAC brand refueler truck for sale
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oil tank truck is a kind of special vehicle for loading and transporting fuel. There is a fuel dispenser installing on the fuel truck and refilling oil to vehicles, farm machineries, boilers, construction machineries, etc. 

Fuel dispensing truck adopts truck engine power, mobile dispenser, meeting the mobile sales oil/gasoline/fuel, etc. for countrysides.

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of fuel tank trucks in China. We have dongfeng fuel truck, JAC refueler truck, FAW oil tank truck, Foton Auman gasoline delivery truck, HOWO fuel truck, ISUZU fuel dispensing truck, etc.

The fuel dispensing truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is with Shanghai Bolai small flow dispenser( choose to install big flow dispenser, Zhengxing brand), interior installed; Euro standard manhole, subsea valve, elevating guardrail, speed-limitation device, ABS, etc.

The fuel tank adopts high quality carbon steel, pump-in and pump-out, 2 sets of extinguishers, two sets of oil pipes, spare parts, etc.

hot sale oil tank truck 

best price CLW brand refueler truck for sale 
Main parameters of best seller- JAC brand fuel tank truck manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below 

Item Unit Parameters
Product name   CLW5070GJYH4 Oil dispensing truck for sale
Chassis model   HFC1071P82K5C2Z
Loading capacity M3 5
  Total mass Kgs 7360
  Curb mass Kgs 3850
  Rated mass Kgs 3380
  Overall dimension(L*W*H) Mm 5990*1950*2450
  Wheelbase   3300
  tread Front tread mm 1620
  Rear tread mm 1395
  Approach/departure angle ° 27/14
Displacement/power Ml/ps 2771/88
Front/rear suspension mm 1105/1577
Max speed Km/h 80
Engine HFC4DA1-2C Jac Motor company
Special devices Main parameters 1, equips with shanghai bailai brand small-flow oil dispenser( choose to install big-flow zhengxing brand fuel dispenser), interior installed; Euro standard mouse, sea valve, elevating guardrail, guiding static wire plate, ABS, etc.
2, the fuel tank adopts high quality carbon steel, pump-out and pump-in, with 2 sets of fire extinguishers, 2 sets of oil hoses, etc.

More pictures of jac brand refueler truck as below

JAC brand 5m3 refueler truck for sale 
More infomation, please feel free to contact with us. The hot sale line is 0086 13886878855. 

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