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CLW fuel tank trucks for sale(1)
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The special purpose vehicles manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. take in the leading technical advantages of the similar vehicles around the world. The CLW special purpose vehicles are with the advantages of reasonable structure, reliable features, easy and flexible operation, good looking appearance, etc.

CLW fuel tank and refueling trucks are mainly made up of the second type truck chassis, fuel tank, pipe system and electronic-avoiding device, etc.

The main functions of the CLW refueling trucks as below

1, using the oil pump of CLW refueling truck sucking oil from other tank, then filling its tank.
2, using the oil pump of the CLW refueling truck draw oil from itself quickly, then filling other trucks or tanks.
3, mobile pump station or refuling station ask for.
Look at the simple drawing pictures of fuel tank truck as below. 

Standard lists of part for CLW fuel truck

Item Name specification Nos. Remark
1 PTO   1 Choose according to the transmission
2 Oil pump 80YHCB-60/ 60YHCB-30 1  
3 Aluminum alloy ball valve Φ65/Φ50 2  
4 Three-way ball valve Φ65/Φ50 1  
5  three pass filter Φ65/Φ50 1  
6 Stainless
Φ15/Φ25/Φ50 1  
7 Flange outlet Φ65/Φ50 2  
8 breather valve   1  
9 Reeel   1 Chosen to install
10 flow meter   1 Chosen to install
11 Refueling machine   1 Chosen to install

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