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Dongfeng tianjin water truck for sale
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Dongfeng Tianjin water truck adopts dongfeng Tianjin original chassis, Cummins 6 cylinders 190hp Euro 3 or Euro 4 diesel engine, And the dongfeng water tank volume is 10-12cbm, air-cut brake, exhaust brake, 3.6ton front bridge/9ton rear bridge, with original air-conditioner, etc. And the water tank adopts high quality carbon steel with 5mm thickness, with the functions of front dashing, rear sprinkling, side spraying and water cannon, controlled at the driver cab. CLW water truck equips with one special water sucking pump, fire fighting hose coupling, etc. Welcome customers over all the world to purchase our high quality and competive price water trucks.

Main parameters Dongfeng Tianjin water truck for sale
Chassis model  DFL1160 Water tank volume(m³)  11-15
Total mass(kg)  16000 Overall dimension(m m)  8800×2380×2950
Curb mass(kg)  6505 Tank dimension(m m)  5300×2100×1310
Rated mass(kg)  9300 Wheelbase (m m)  5000,4700
Engine parameters Model  B190 33 Manufacturer  Cummins
Power(hp)/displacement(ml)  190/5900 Type  6 cylinders in line
Oil cunsuption(L/100km)  15 Emission standard Euro 3/Euro 4
Chassis parameters Drive type  4×2 Front/rear tread(m m)  1880/1800
Max speed (km/h)  90 Front/rear tread(m m)  1430/2370
maximum grade ability ()  30 Approach/departure angle()  19/12
Min ground clearance (m)   Axle load(kg)  6000/10000
Tyre  9.00-20,10.00-20 Steel spring  7/9+6,8/10+8 
Driver  cab  D530flathead one row and a half driver cab,
Front tread  4.5T
Rear bridge  9T
Transmission  Dongfeng 6 speed DF6S750
Braking  Air braking
Chosen part  
Special device Axle Power 9.25kw Alxe working speed 1450circle/mins
Flow 60cbm/h Water sprinkling width ≤14m
Self-sucking height ≤6.5m Self-sucking time <8m
Water cannon rang(column) <30m Water cannon range <18m
Water cannon head <90m Water pump type Self-sucking centrifugal
Water pump model Weilong 80QZB-60/90 Tank material 5mm carbon steel
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