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structure of the LPG tanker Semi-trailer
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Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of LPG gas trailer, LPG gas truck, LPG gas storage tank, etc. in China. With many years’ experience in supplying, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. could supply 2 axles LPG gas trailers, 3 axles bulk LPG gas trailers, LPG gas storage tanks from 5000L to 120000L, LPG gas delivery trucks, LPG gas dispenser truck, etc.
And today, let Chengli Special Automobile tell you the main structure of CLW LPG gas trailers as below.

1 Tank
2 Safety valve
3 Indicator of Liquid level
4 Manhole cover
5 Main Chassis
6 Box for Loading and unloading hose
7 steel mudguard
8 Valve box and operation system
9 Side protecting rail
10 Landing gear
11 King Pin
exported LPG gas trailers

Exported LPG gas trailer

exported 2 axles 40.5cbm LPG gas trailer
Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. could supply LPG gas trailers at home and all over the world. We can also supply ASME LPG gas truck, LPG gas trailer, LPG gas storage tank, etc.
Our company is specialised in produce LPG trailer for several years,we can produce  the size of semi trailer as coustoms require.if you want to know more about our cargo semi trailer please do not hestiate to contact me.any questions about semi trailer will be highly apperciated.
We can provide other tanker trailers, like 2 axles or 3 axles, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel material liquid tanker trailer, bulk cement tanker trailer, full trailer, tank container etc.

Delivery days :7-10days
Shipping : naked waxing coat ;small one into 20` GP or 40` GP ,big type can be carried by bulk carriers or ro-ro ship or you pick
Payment terms :30% depoisite T/T
Our company offer Transportation insurance for customer. To ensure customer’s prdocts arrival at the destination new and safe.

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