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the main parts of fuel trucks in China
Release time:2014-08-30 14:42 Editor:truckdf From:Chen Li
With the development of industry, the oil products need is in need. And the market asks for more safer and enviormental protection for the bulk oil tanker truck. To make sure the fuel tank truck transporting safely and enviormental protection, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. introduce the leading technique and self-develop the full parts for the petroleum tank trucks series.
The main parts of the fuel truck are oil-gas recovery valve, side plate air vent valve, anti-overflow feeler lever, gaging hatch, oil-gas receovery coupling, singnificant oil, anti-ooverflow jack, discharging valve, ventilation reducing joint, oil-gas recovery street dust cover, discharging valve reducing joint, discharging valve dustcover, pneumatic sea valve, etc.

1, pneumatic sea valve; 2, pneumatic sea valve; 3, discharging valve dustcover; 4, anti-overflow jack; 5, discharging valve; 6, discharging valve reducing joint; 7, ventilation reducing jount; 8, oil-gas recovery dustcover; 9, singnificant oil; 10, oil-gas recovery joint; 11, oil-gas recovery joint; 12, aluminum manhole cover; 13, steel manhole cover; 14, oil-gas recovery valve; 15, side plate air vent valve; 16, anti-overflow feeler lever; 17, gaging hatch,
Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of fuel truck, oil tank truck, petroleum tank trailer, fuel delivery truck, fuel dispensing truck, refueling truck, etc. More information, please feel free to contact with us.

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