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The distinguishes of straight-folded truck mounted crane
Release time:2014-08-18 16:14 Editor:truckdf From:Chen Li
The distinguishes of straight mobile crane and folded truck mounted crane
When choosing the truck mounted crane, aimed to the usage. Folded crane truck is with quick motion speed, flexible, and little maintain cost, etc. folded cargo truck with crane is with large loading ability, wide working aera, however, higher maintain cost, etc.
As for the operation, the straight dump truck with crane will be better.
Frist, the straight crane truck uses steel wire, operating up and down with large working aera.
Second, straight telescopic truck mounted crane is with long crane arm. Compared to the same tonnage straight boom crane truck, the crane arm is 2-3m longer than the folded ones.
Third, straight hydraulic truck cranes are with outriggers. However, the folded ones are without.
Four, then comes to the force nuequ,the straight lorry mounted cranes are larger.
Anyhow, if using the crane trucks at the warehouses, then the folsed truck with crane will be better for the flexibility.

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