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crane arm(6.3ton 3 sections straight) manufacturer (7)
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Chengliwei brand SQ6.3SA2 crane  
Crane model SQ6.3SA2 (6.3 ton 3 sections straight boom)
Max lift mass (kg) 6300
Max lift force moment (n.m) 15120
Crane mass (kg) 1900
Profile pentagon slewing Slewing speed(r/min) 2
Numbers of sections 3( 2 extended boom) Slewing range 360(°)
Length (m) 3.9~9.23 Outrigger Type H type
Max working radius(m) 9 Outrigger dimension(m) 2
Extended speed(m/s) 5.33/17 Hydraulic system Pressure (mpa) 17.5
Elevation-up speed(°/s) 76/13 Oil tanker volume (L) 110
Max lift height(m) 10.5 Install room  900mm
The single rope   allowable load (N) 1540 Suitable truck Above 9 ton load truck
Max single rope speed(m/min) 12.5 Remark: this is the rated parameters for the system flow of 60L/min.

Working radius(m) 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9
Rated mass(kg) 6300 4800 4100 3400 2860 2200 1900 1570 1400 1250 1130 1030 960 900

Note, the data above is just for your reference, due to product improvement and technical progress, our company reserves the right to modify the parameters at any time without prior notice. 

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