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Customized Dongfeng 190hp lorry truck with telescopic boom f
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Customized Dongfeng 190hp lorry truck with telescopic boom for sale 

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of truck mounted crane in China. With many years'experience in supplying, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. can supply Dongfeng truck mounted crane, Foton crane truck, HOWO truck with crane, ISUZU cargo truck with crane, FAW truck with crane, etc. More information, please feel free to contact with us. 

More pictures of Dongfeng 4*2 LHD 190hp diesel lorry truck with 4tons telescopic boom as below 

customized dongfeng brand 4*2 LHD/RHD 190hp diesel cargo truck with 4tons telescopic boom for sale 
main technical advantages of CLW brand mobile truck with crane manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below 
1. Truck crane is specially designed and produced on the basis of common cargo trucks or dump trucks, but need strong chassis frame with high strength to support the crane when lifting heavy cargos. 
2. Our product type is available in 1 tons~200 tons capacity crane, correspondingly the truck chassis wheel drive from 4x2/4x4/6x2/6x4/6x6/8x4/x10x4. 
3. Special crane design:common the end of crane is a hook linked with stee rope, but we can mount a gripping device, holder or other special designed mechanism to achieve the functions of gripping action to hold cargos, not always hooking cargo. 
4. Hydraulic system: all the actions of crane and outriggers are driving by hydraulic system, high quality sealed oil cylinder and hydraulic pipe,etc.
5. Control system: for lifting capacity under 6 tons, crane is controlled by the operation handles on both sides; over 8 tons, on the top of crane, there is a seat and operation handles on the top of crane.
6. Cargo box: box length from 3meters to 10 meters and can produce according to your special requirements, you can check from the following photos below.
Technical specifications of dongfeng 4tons lorry mounted crane:

CLW5160JSQD3 lorry mounted crane
Produced by ChengLi Special Automobile Co.,Ltd
Chassis brand Dongfeng
Max lifting capacity 4 tons
Wheelbase(mm) 4500
Overall  L x W x H(mm) 8700x2500x3850mm
Load box  L x H x W(mm) 5600x800x2380mm
Thickness of load box 4mm deck board, 3mm side wall
Outrigger Front outrigger
Curb Weight (kg) 9650
Payload (kg) 10~12 tons
Crane SQ4SA2, 3-section straight telescopic boom
Tonnage( ton) 4 tons
Max lifting moment (ton.m) 10
Max lifting height (m) 10.6
Max working radius (m) 8
Rotation 360° circle
Engine Engine B190 turbocharged intercooled engine
Type 140kW, 6 cylinder
Capacity 5900ml
Max output 140kW @ 2200 rpm(190hp)
Transmission Gearbox 6 forward and 1 reverse
Type Manual
Wheel & Tire Type 10.00-20
Number 6+ 1 spare tire
Cab seat   Single row, 3 seats with a sleeper
Control of crane   Operation handles up operating
Crane auto-lock   Set
Mobile Charger   Set
Steel wheel   LHD, power steering
Tool kits   Set
Spare tire   1

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