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Independent and dependent cooling units of reefer truck
Release time:2014-06-13 14:53 Editor:truckdf From:Chen Li
As for the famous supplier and manufacturer of refrigerated reefer insulation truck in China since 2004, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd would like to tell you how to choose the cooling units of the reefer insulated trucks, and the distinguishes of them.

The distinguishes of independent and dependent cooling units of refrigerated truck are as below:
Dongfeng tianjin refrigerated truck installed with THERMO KING independent cooling unit

refrigerated van semitrailer installed with Carrier independent cooling units
First, from the names, the independent and dependent cooling units from the cooling unit power outlet. The independent cooling unit has its independent power source, that is itself independent diesel engine as the power source; however, the dependent power takeoff is just rely on the truck chassis engine.
ISUZU small refrigerated insulation van truck with dependent cooling unit
Second, from the power outlet see their differences,

When the refrigerated insulation body trucks stop working, the dependent cooling units lost the power support and also the cooling system stop working. And if often open the doors of the insulation van truck after the truck stopped, making the cool air of the van truck lost and the temperature of the van body will be lifting.  And also if the refrigerator truck is breakdown (engine doesn’t work), the cooling system also stop work. And the two accidents make the goods in stored the van truck lost its original quality and fresh. Compared to the dependent one, the independent cooling units can still work after the truck stop the engine, making the goods fresh and good.

The advantages and disadvantages of them

The dependent cooling unit of the refrigerated freezer van truck is with simple structure and system, easily maintain.
And the independent cooling unit will be more complicated because adding the engine system maintenance.
We have talked about so much of the independent and dependent cooling units of the freezer van truck above. So how to choose them when purchasing the refrigerated truck?
Independent cooling units is just for short distance delivery, such as urban, town, etc.
And for the long distance transporting, we suggest the customers to choose the independent cooling unit. Because for the long distance, even if the truck engine doesn’t work, the cooling system can also work to make sure the goods safe and fresh.  
And we can choose the cooling units according to the refrigerated truck itself.
7m length van and below 7m length van body, we suggest the customer to choose the dependent cooling units.
Above 7m length refrigerated insulation bodies, it’s better to choose the independent cooling units.
And from the costs, independent cooling unit is much more expensive than the dependent ones. If the customers have enough costs and asked for the van interior temperature is very low (at least less than 10 degree below zero), we also ask the customers to choose the independent cooling units for the refrigerated insulation van trucks.

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