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ISUZU double bridges foam fire truck(2000gallon to 2500 gall
Release time:2014-06-11 14:25 Editor:truckdf From:Chen Li
ISUZU double rear bridges foam fire truck, equipped with ISUZU 6HK1-TC 260hp Euro 3 engine.

The tanker volume of the ISUZU foam fire truck is 2600 gallon. The ISUZU fire truck is with large volume, long distance water spraying range, leading perfect water pump, strong function of fire fighting. The ISUZU foam fire truck is mainly used for cities, fuel storages, airports, ports, etc.

ISUZU double bridges foam fire truck(2000gallon to 2500 gallon)
Total mass(kg)  24475  Curb mass(kg)  12025
Rated mass(kg)  12000  Chassis model  CXA34T
Driver cab person  6  Max speed(km/h)  
 Approach/departure angle (°)  34/13  Front/rear suspension(mm)  1350/2460
 Overall dimension (mm)  10210X2470X3260  Cargo body dimension(mm)  XX
Axles  3  Axle load(kg)  
 Tyre  11.00-20-18PR,11.00R20-16PR  Tyre nos.  10
 Front tread(mm)  1960  Rear suspension(mm)  1855/1855
 Wheelbase(mm)  5100+1300  Springs  9/10
 Emission standard  GB17691-2005,GB3847-2005 Euro 3  Fuel type Diesel
 Engine model  Manufacturer  Displacement  Power
 6HK1-TC  ISUZU  7790  191
Engine type turbocharged and intercooled Max torque 745
Engine bore/stroke 115/125
Oil consumption (L/100km) 22 Max grad ability 20 percents

ISUZU double bridge foam fire engine, adopts FASTGEAR 9 speed transmission, mechanism steerings, central braking system, 7ton front bridge, 18ton rear bridge, double layers structures, with warm and cold air conditioner, flat head double rows driver cab,etc.

The special functions of 2500 gallons ISUZU double bridge foam fire truck as below.

The water pump model: CB10/60 truck mounted common pressure water pump or CB20.10/30.60.
The tank: the volume of the tank is 2000 gallon/2500 gallon, adopts GB high quality Q235Q carbon steel sheets (included the interior pipe lines and anti-wave sheet);welding structure, interior installed longitudinal, transverse anti-wave board.
The water Canon model: PL48,the water range is more than 60m.
Equipment tools: adopts aluminum alloy Lapping technology separated the equipment tools: equipped with aluminum alloy locker, horizontal rotary plate, flip vertical carrier equipments according to the equipments types and space, etc.; using the special anti-rust, anti-vibration, anti-shedding, anti-scratch fixers to fix the all the equipments.
The outlook of the all fire truck, adopts the imported colors R3 fire truck red high quality coating.

The advantages of the trucks, the ISUZU foam fire truck reach the Euro 3 emission standard, environmental protection, high speed, etc. with new design, perfect looking; automatic and flexible operating. 

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