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dongfeng mobile outdoor lED Minibus for sale
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DONGFENG brand mini  mobile LED advertisement vehicle for sale

DONGFENG xiaokang mobile LED truck, adopts dongfeng xiaokang minibus truck chassis, single row driver  cab, 5 speed transmission, front disk and rear-drum type, 165/70R14 vacuum tires, yu’an 70hp gasoline Euro Ⅲ engine,

The overall dimension dongfeng brand LED minibus is 4650*1700*2400(mm), one side of LED truck choose to install LED full color outdoor screen(p10/p6/p8) with the dimension of 2304*1536(mm), totally with 3.53m3; and another side choose to install rolling lightbox advertising to exchange several pictures.

The whole truck is equipping vehicle controlling vehicle, broadcasting system, computer, power amplifier, etc.

The main parameters of dongfeng mobile outdoor minibus as below

Euro Ⅴ dongfeng brand mobile LED Minibus for sale
Truck name Dongfeng mobile outdoor Led truck for sale  Truck model CLW5020XXCFJ5
Emission standard Euro Ⅴ Truck chassis model EQ1021TFJ53
Fuel type Gasoline Overall dimension (mm): 4650 * 1700 * 2400
Total mass(kg) 1990 Cargo body dimension (mm): 2900 * 1700 * 1700
Curb mass(kg) 1760 Tire specification 165/70R14
Wheelbase(mm) 2760 Rated person 2(included driver)
Engine model BG10-07  
Manufacturer Yu’an power
Displacement (ml) 1012
Power (kw) 51
Mobile Outdoor full color screens CHENGLI SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD.
Screen name Screen dimension (mm)-----area (㎡)  
Outdoor truck mounted P10 full color screen 2560 * 1440 -----3.69
Outdoor truck mounted P8 full color screen 2560 * 1408 -----3.6
Outdoor truck mounted P7 full color screen 2464 * 1344 -----3.3
Outdoor truck mounted P6 full color screen 2496 * 1344 -----3.35
Outdoor truck mounted P5 full color screen 2560 * 1440 -----3.69
Outdoor truck mounted P4 full color screen 2560 * 1440 -----3.69
Upper parts of dongfeng mobile outdoor LED MINIBUS
Van box material 5CM laminated steel frame box Interior material High-temperature endurable aluminum checkered plates
Electronic controlling system Security intelligent internal and external network automatic switching Ventilation system forceful air-ventor, air sky window 
power amplifier brand Eevot brand broadcasting power amplifier Acoustics brand T-KOKOPA brand Waterproof sound column
Choose to install Hydraulic stage 6m2 Choose to install Screen lifting Hydraulic lifting or electronic control steel wire winch
Media player system Zijin player Choose to install Floor material Wooden or aluminum checkered plates
Choose power supplying system Choose  gasoline generator unit(6.5KW/8KW) or diesel generator unit(6KW)or storage batteries supplying system.
Choose industrial controlling system Choose to install I4 high end industrial control computer or U DISK type into the video broadcast system
More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita Deng. The hot sale line is 0086 13886878855. 

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