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manufacturing process of road sweeper truck
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manufacturing process of road sweeper truck

Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of road sweeper truck in China with many years. With many years’experience in manufacturing, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. has a grown manufacturing processes for sweeper trucks, assuring every details perfect.

Today ,we’ll introduce the every manufacturing step for road sweeper as below.

Dongfeng duolika road sweeper truck(2cbm water tank +5cbm wastes van) with JMC 80hp auliary egine.

To install sweeping brushes

Every pipeline, electronics, gas circuit with perfect installation
1, the control box is at the driver cab, different electronics is centralized, flexible operation.
2, there are four sweeping disks and sucking working together, perfect sweeping-sucking performance, and the sweeping disks with anti-collision function.
3, the sweeping brushes at the right side and the left sides can work at the same time, just one side sweeper working.
4, the sweeping cleaning device is with simple, reliable, etc.
5, the garbage vans and the cleaning water van adopts high quality stainless steel.
6, the hydraulic KEY units are imported.

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