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operation notes of truck with crane
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The crane operation notes

Before operation pls read and understand the manual pre-operation inspecton before operation. Do not move te joystic suddenly.

Even if no-load operation, it should be fully extended leg frame, soft ground should be skids.

The power take off gear should be checked before operating lever is in neutral position. The crane arm and the hook should be fixed at a specific lacation, and disengage the power take before driving.

Before operation, should confirm the actual weight of heavy objects  performance of the corresponding lifting plate, determine the max radius of lifting work. Do not overload operator. Confirmed weight independent, not with other objects of unkown weight attached. Non-diagonal ungrade heavy.

Crane stability of the frame with legs extended, the boom peak direction and cars before the different load changes. When the rotary arm turned from the body rear to side to side to be very careful.

Should not standard under the boom raising the weight, the operator should leave the hanging weight of the crane.

Nobody can not ride on the raised load.
The leg operation notes.
The legs all stretched out frame, the legs supported on solid ground level.
Extended leg frame, out of frame legs, legs with a lock pin to pin in the central position. For the legs fully extended leg raise frame a lock pin further out.
Extension bracket, be careful do not let leg stuck in the leg between the ground.
Retrated leg frame, be careful not to let our fingers stuck in the inside an d outside the extension beams.
Store and lock the leg frame before driving. 

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