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24 metric tons lpg gas storage tank for export
24 metric tons lpg gas storgae tank is a kind of surface bulk lpg gas storage tank, transporting propane gas, adopting high quality Q345R, DN2700, 14mm thickness for tank wall and 16mm thickness for endheads, etc.

The  curb weight of 24 metric tons is 12,750kgs, and the loading capacity is 24,000kgs. The volume of the 34 metric tons lpg gas propane tank is 60,000L

24MT lpg gas storage tank for sale


Look at the specification of 24mt LPG GAS TANK as below.

Item Unit Main parameters
Product name   LPG gas storage tank(60000L)
Product model   CLG2700-60
Loading medium   LPG gas (propane)
Overall dimension(L*W*H) mm 10962*2728*3318
Tank dimension(inner diameter*thickness*length) mm DN2700*14*10962
Tank volume m3 60
Tank thickness mm 14
End heads thickness mm 16
Curb mass kg 12750
loading capacity Kg 23940
Designed pressure Mpa 1.77
Working pressure Mpa ≤1.6
Working temperature ≤50
Hydraulic test pressure Mpa 2.22
Air tight test pressure Mpa 1.77
Tank and main Material pressure components Q345R、16Mnlll
<<GB150steel pressure vessel>>,<<Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for Pressure Vessel>>
Chosen assembly
Safety valve, magic level gauge, pressure gauge, temperature gauge, cut-off valve, etc.
Cheng Li produced a liquefied gas storage tanks in series, can be used to store the different nature of the liquefied petroleum gas (propane), propylene, ammonia, dimethyl ether, methanol, butadiene, butane, ethylene oxide, methylamine, etc.in low pressure liquefied gases at room temperature; volume from 10 cubic meters --- 120 cubic optional.  Besides, the lpg gas tank, Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. could offer lpg gas trailer, lpg gas delivery truck, lpg gas dispenser vehicle, skid lpg gas filling plant, etc. More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita Deng. The hot sale line is 0086 13886878855.

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