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road sweeping and washing vehicle for sale
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Why choose CLW sweeping washing truck?

Street sweeping washer vehicle is with the functions of sweeping and cleaning road surface, sweeping and washing curb,low pressure washing and spraying mist dedusting, etc.
There are 9 operation models to choose, “full sweeping-washing”, left sweeping-washing”, “right sweeping-washing”, “fullsweeping”, “left sweeping”, “right sweeping”, “full washing”, “left washing”, right washing”, etc.

1, the CLW brand sweeping washing truck, adopts layout of front with clean water tank and rear with sewer tank, Semi closed Auxiliary engine cabin, left and right double side door, etc.
2, the ground pressure of the side sweeping brushes system adopts Spring adjustable model; adjusting the ground pressure of the sweeping brushes according to the road condition to reduce the abrasion of the sweeping brushes; the sweeping brushes can be adjusted low-high speed.
3, the high pressure water pump and nozzles adopts German brand; water pump is with stainless steel pump head, and the pressure up to 160Bar, max flow is 154L/min. Good road cleaning effect. 
4, the hydraulic valves adopts solenoid diectional valve arranged in good order, easy to maintain; the hydraulic motor adopts Italian brand. The whole truck is with reliable hydraulic system, flexible working, etc.
 5, the road sweeping washing vehicle adopts the particular centrifugal blower, and the blowing up to 12000m3/h; the blades of the blower adopting special steel, which is not easy to abrase.
6, the special side sweeping brushes anti-collision mechanism  can protect the side sweeping brushes and avoiding the flushing and washing device collide the road.
7, the high pressure road  cleaning vehicle adopts the working way of sweeping first then flushing sweeping, then sucking; cleaning, flushing, sucking the wastes and sewer at one time . After working, the road is without dust and water.
8, high pressure water line is installed with ant freezing water coupling, avoiding the water line freezed in winter.
9, the Key units of the electronics, adopts high quality imported ones; Operation controlling is with PLC one-key operation, realizing 9 kinds of working modes. The truck can be operated at the driver cab, easy to operate.
10, the road sweeping cleaning vehicle adopts cylinders driving’ electronic automatically control the clutch to ensure the auxiliary engine  starting-stopping no load, lasting the lifetime. 
11, the truck is with the self-return flushing reel and high pressure and big flow flushing nozzle, flushing heavily certain greasy dirt and also flushing and cleaning the advertisement billboards, etc.
12, the truck is with voice alarm device, realizing the function of Fault self diagnosis. And the also with anti overflow –low water level alarm device, etc.
13, the high pressure road sweeping washing vehicle is with cameral for the working and backing. 

More pictures of hot sale high pressure sweeping washing vehicle manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. as below. 

Dongfeng tianjin road sweeping and cleaning truck (9cbm water tanker+7cbm wastes van)

ISUZU street sweeping and washing vehicle for sale 
Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of road sweeper truck, street sweeping and washing vehicle,  high pressure road cleaning truck, etc. More information, please feel free to contact with Ms. Anita Deng. The hot sale line of road sweeping vehicle is 0086 13886878855. 

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