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HOWO336hp asphalt synchronization chip sealer
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HOWO 6*4 asphalt synchronization chip sealer vehicle, adopts SINO TRUK HOWO original chassis, 6*4 LHD drive, flathead with sleeper driver cab, SINO TRUK 336 Euro 2 engine, HW10 speed transmission, 13ton Steyr rear bridge, 12.00-20 nylon tyre, etc.

The volume of the asphalt tanker is 8 cubic meters, adopting high quality 5mm carbon steel, There is a insulation layer of 80mm thickness rock wool and the out layer is with 1.2mm mirror type stainless steel. The crushed stone bucket is with the volume of 12 cubic meters.
The advantages and technical parameters of synchronization chip sealer truck
The asphalt synchronization chip sealer truck is made up of asphalt distributing system, stones spreading system, electronic operation system, auxiliary equipments system, etc.
1, asphalt spreading system,
The spreading system is made up of asphalt tanker, heating system, hydraulic system, controlling system, and spreading system, etc.
A, asphalt tanker,
The exterior layer of the asphalt tanker adopts high quality stainless steel Matte board; the middle layer with insulation material; and the interior layer is made up of heating boiler and heat conduction oil pipe. Tidy and generous surface. And the exterior Gas control valve group realizes circulating of asphalt in the pipeline, avoiding local overheating of asphalt and aging.
B, heating system,
The heating devices choose imported burner and suitable high efficiency boiler, with the advantages of high combustion efficiency, prefect atomizing effect, low fuel consumption, fast heating speed, safe and reliable operation, etc. It can make sure the asphalt in the pipeline with the effective heating temperature without manpower monitoring.
C, hydraulic system,
The hydraulic system adopts Germany REXROTH imported units (hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor), assuring the reliable transmission performance.
D, controlling system
The controlling system adopts encoder to check truck speed and revolution of asphalt pump separately, assuring spreading precision. And the radar, encoder, and switch components of the main circuit are imported. When setting the spreading amount, PLC can automatically calculate truck speed and pump speed, realizing automatical controlling of spreading, and also suggesting the suitable truck speed for the driver.
E, spreading system,
Every nozzle is separately controlled by air valve, through the special designed pipeline, assuring evenly pressure and perfect spreading effect. 
Stones spreading system,
The stone spreading system is made up of stones bunker, bunker door control mechanism, and spreading machine.
the equipment has the advantages
1. exclusive use of hydraulic drive mode, no need to add any auxiliary power make the operation more simple and convenient.
2.exclusive use of efficient oil boiler to heat up, so that the temperature rise would be enhanced greatly speed, breaking the traditional flue heating method.
3.The device can be achieved within a stone chip spreader hopper lifting construction, more convenient and culvert construction, bridge construction, as well as the construction of the curve;
4.The device is complete with electrical control, high degree of automation ,, can accurately calculate the equipment during the construction and stone chips spreading asphalt spray volume amount of how much;
5. material door control using inclinometer, ensuring the accuracy of the device material;
6.reduce the construction of labor intensity, saving human resources, reduce construction costs and improve efficiency, quality of work;
7. machine stable, spreading evenly, sprinkle freely adjust the width of the asphalt material spreading;
8.ensure good thermal insulation performance index ≤20 ℃ / 8h, and durable anti-corrosion;
9. You can spray a variety of asphalt media, spreading from S3 ~ S24mm of stone;
10. equipment using high precision machining nozzle, so that each spray nozzle spray consistency and effectiveness is fully guaranteed;
11. overall operating more humane, with remote control, there are on-site operation, the operator has brought great convenience;
12. through the perfect constant pressure hydraulic system and electrical control devices combine to achieve a scratch spray;
13. whole number of improvements after construction, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance, cost-effective. 

More pictures of howo 6*4 336hp 
synchronization chip sealer vehicle as below. 

China-made devices
A, asphalt pump adopts QGB950 (high viscosity asphlat pump)
B, hydraulic system: proportional valve (Taiwan EFBG-03-160-HF); China-made brand Reversing Valve and overflow valve; hydraulic pump: 50-20-16; asphalt pump hydraulic drive motor (model: 05-130-BD31)
C, controlling type: controlling system(Germany Siemens CLW-32-01),computer controlled, one controls one; 32 units asphalt intelligent sprayers;
D, Heating type: conduction oil automobile heating; combustor G20( Italian imported); Radiator adopts Rishen brand;Conduction oil pump: 40-25-160(China-made)
E, Gasoline generator: 5.5kw.
F, Spray width: 4m, spray mass: 0.2-3.5L/㎡

Intelligent(imported parts),
The asphalt pump adopts TGGP185-125 (Belgium)
The hydraulic system: asphalt pump drive the motor model 05-130-BD31; German Rexroth hydraulic pump A11V060EP20D-10L; rishen brand radiator.
Control system: computer Intelligential control, control system (German Siemens CLW-32-01);
32 sets asphalt intelligent sprayers(one control one)
Heating type: conduction oil automobile heating; combustor G20( Italian imported); Radiator adopts Rishen brand;Conduction oil pump: 40-25-160(China-made)
Gasoline generator: 5.5kw.
Spray width: 4m, spray mass: 0.2-4L/㎡

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