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factory Selling 8000Liters Sewage Tanker Truck
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Cheaper Price Factory Selling 8000Liters Vacuum Suction Sewage Tanker Truck Dongfeng Jet Vacuum Trucks, high quality and competitive Cummins 170hp Dongfeng 8,000L sludge tanker truck

Our CLW brand Sewage Suction Tanker Trucks/sludge tanker truck/ septic tanker truck/ vacuum truck advantage:

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1.Equipped with special vacuum pump,Equipped with power take off, transmission shaft, high pressure sewage tank, pipe network, sewage pipe for observing and cleanout equipment,Time for full sucktion<5min

2. the Sewage Suction Trucks, special section, taking the force transmission device by rotary vane pumps, vacuum pump ,(with domestic leading technology big suction) oil and gas separation device, hydrosphere separator, vacuum pressure gauge, pressure vessel, pipe system composition, and equipped with hand-washing facilities and visual dung tube.

3.the Sewage suction trucks oblique liquid, can suck full alarm device after full automatic alarm, prevent sewage spills of vacuum pump caused damage,optional choose carbon steel, stainless steel, epoxy resin anticorrosive processing (rounded pot), may do anticorrosive processing, extracting partial chemical sewage and waste water.

The Specification of 8000Liters Vacuum Suction Sewage Tanker Truck Dongfeng Jet Vacuum Trucks :

Sewage Suction Truck
outside dimension (L×W×H)mm 7600×2500×3300
Total mass 13,975 Kg
Loading mass 8,000 Kg
Kerb mass 5,800 Kg
driving type 4×2
Wheelbase 3950 mm
model B170-33
Type Diesel, turbo-charging and Mechanical fuel injection pump inner EGR Euro 3
Max. power/rotated speed 125(KW) /2500(rpm)
Displacement(ML) 5900
Company of engine Dongfeng Cummins
Tyre 9.00-20(6+1spart tyre)
Max Speed 90 Km/h
air condition With
volume of tank 8,000Litres carbon steel 6mm thickness
With vaccum pump.
Absolute working pressure: 400Pa; Academic suction speed: 45L/s
Rotation speed: 500rpm
Vacuum pump is drived by PTO, to self-suck and self-discharge by four-way valve. This truck can suck the mud, sewage, dejection and the dirty water with small stone under by vacuum pump

More pictures of dongfeng 170hp vacuum truck as below. 

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