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how to operate bulk feed delivery truck
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How to operate bulk feed delivery truck?
Bulk feed delivery truck is main used for delivering, loading and discharging of feed pellets of different feed factories, large-type poultry farms, and also for transporting some non-corrosive feed pellets, such as pellets from pharmaceutical factory and turnover of grain depots, etc. the feed trucks manufactured by Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. can transporting various feed pellet with the different compartments, the dream transporting vehicles for poultry farms and feed factories.
The CLW bulk feed delivery trucks and bulk feed tanks have been exported to so many countries. I think even the Chinese don’t know how to operate the bulk feed delivery truck. So how about the clients from foreign countries, how should they operate the bulk feed delivery truck after they fetch the bulk feed delivery truck?
Actually, it is so easy, we will introduce as below.

1, for the electronic auger type feed truck; first connect the external power- 380Volts correctly, there is plug in the tool box, just put the plug in the external power- 380Volts.
2, the operation panel of the bulk feed truck

1, refers to start elevating auger,
2, refers to start vertical auger
3, refers to start horizontal auger
4, refers to stop horizontal auger
5, refers to stop elevating auger
6, refers to stop vertical auger
7, hydraulic indication
8, start hydraulic system
9, stop hydraulic system
10, breakdown indication
11, change-over switch (the feeding auger according to the red arrow)
12, manual/remote control (left manual, right remote control)
13, up/down (left-up, right-down)
14, left-right Rotary (left and right of auger)
3, operation procedure:
To start the feed tank, press 1, then 2, the last 3;
to stop the feed tank, press 4, 5, 6,
If you press the wrong button, then the bulk feed delivery truck will not work till you don’t right. So don’t worry that if you operate wrong, then the feed tank will be breakdown. Before designing the animal feed delivery truck, our engineer considers these reasons. So, you can operate the feed tank freely, don’t worry it will breakdown. 

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